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National Heroes of Pakistan

Every country has its own national heroes which have played the vital role in the existence of the country and its glory So here is the list of National Heroes of Pakistan. Pakistan is also a country which ahs numerous national heroes which have worked tirelessly for the success, respect and the dignity of the country. The national heroes can be leader, politicians, sports person or even soldiers which have played their role in the success of the country.

National Heroes of Pakistan

National Heroes of Pakistan


Mohammad Ali Jinnah is one of those leaders which are the most influential leaders and national heroes of Pakistan. The founder of Pakistan who all on his own fought for the Muslims against the cruel and injustice rule of the Hindus and British people, He was the only one who stood firm for the rights of Muslims and to preserved their identity, Jinnah was the influential personalitywho all on himself gathered the Muslims for one of the biggest migration ever in the history of mankind.

Allama Mohammad Iqbal is another national hero who is the national poet as well. He is the one who took the Muslims of Sub continent out from the gloomy sleep to the awakening run of success of independence. He through his motivational and awakening and poetry inculcated the power of patriotism and love for the country and religion which ultimately played the vital role in the road to independence.

Mohattarma Benazir Bhutto is one of those political personalities and National Heroes of Pakistan which have got international and national fame all over the world and who have worked for the glory and betterment of the poor of Pakistan. She worked on the principles of her father Zukfiqar Ali Bhutto who himself was an influential and great leader of Pakistan. She studied abroad, learned all the skills and knowledge and then imparted it in the country through her practical implications. Her policies which were having relief fro the people of the country and she strived hard for the success of the country and in her run she gave her life and was martyred when she was addressing to one of the biggest gathering at Liaquat Bagh.

Soldiers like Major Aziz Bhatti and Rashid Menhas are the one who had laid their lives in the cause of the interest of the country. The soldiers who were having the real spirit of patriotism and love for the country which even didn’t came in the way when they were on the battles against the rivals. When the country was in danger these both Sons of Pakistan came in the way of the brutal aims of the enemies and laid their lives in the cause of the survival of the country.

Another person in the list of National Heroes of Pakistan is Imran Khan as he is one of the most significant national heroes of the country who firstly was the sportsman and played awesome cricket and under his leadership Pakistan became the world champions in 1992 and all the credit was on the shoulders of the caption Imran Khan. Later this motivational sportsman shifted towards spiritual and social activities when he started the project of Shaukat Khanam Cancer memorial hospital

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