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Curriculum Vitae Format

Curriculum Vitae do not have any prescribed and fixed format which should be followed as many employers and innovators have shown their concern and influence to leave the traditional pattern of the resume and create some new trends have creativity and innovation in your CV. Although there are several significant and crucial constituents which should not be neglected and while writing a CV, should always be kept under consideration. These important components of the CV Format are being illustrated below:

Curriculum Vitae Format

Curriculum Vitae Format


  • Introduction/ Personal information: The introduction part should be consisting of all the relevant personal information regarding the candidate which should include the Name, Father’s name, contact number, residential address and the e-mail id. In the introduction part a photograph of the candidate is also considered as compulsory.
  • Objective statement: The objective statement of the individual candidate should comprise of all his intentions which are behind his resume, he should first appreciate the organization’s performance and good will in which he is applying and then should focus on his objectives and determinations.
  • Academic Background: Than come’s the academic background of the candidate. In the academic qualifications the individual should write all his academic career starting from the latest qualification and going back till his matriculation. While stating the academic background the individual should make sure that he identifies the name of the institute as well as the year of completion in the respective part.
  • Job experience: In the job experience the candidate should honestly define all the job experiences which he wants to be a part of his resume. Experience column really matters so o false statements and claims should be made in this section as it can be reviewed in the interview.
  • Hobbies and KSA’s: The candidate should also focus on his hobbies and habits which should also be the part of your resume. Knowledge, skills and abilities should also be portrait on the resume which should be relevant and aligned with the job requirements. Make sure that you don’t use a single resume for all the job vacancies but do make different resumes for different job places so that your resume should be compatible with the job duties and the work place requirements.
  • References: The last part of the resume is the references but it should not be considered as the least. In a typical resume the reference section is kept unfilled and a statement is being written in it that the “references will be furnished on the request”. This statement is highly discouraged as the individual should always give the references which the employer can utilize in gaining your information and personality authentications.

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