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Biotechnology Scope And Salary, Jobs In Pakistan Universities

Biotechnology scope in Pakistan along with jobs and salary criteria is discussed here. You will also get a list of universities offering biotechnology in Pakistan. So if you want to continue your bachelors or masters studies in biotechnology field then I suggest you to once read this entire article to get know about biotechnology scope and salary, Jobs in Pakistan Universities. Well the Definition of Biotechnology is that “a field relates with the development and production of genetic manipulation of microorganisms to fabricate the antibiotics and hormones etc.” Biotechnology is a mixed form of biological technology that overlaps with bio-engineering, bio-manufacturing, bio-medical-engineering, and Molecular engineering. In other words biotechnology is a field of producing and development of medicines, food production, and agriculture. It’s a rapidly expanding field in Pakistan but mostly students are hesitate to go with this complex form of biology and technology; this is why a small number of biotechnological are in a huge demand in the market. So I personally suggesting you that if you are going to be in demand then go with biotechnology field and keep on reading this page so that you can be familiar that how your scope will be higher and jobs and salary are superior then others.

Biotechnology Scope And Salary, Jobs In Pakistan Universities

Biotechnology Academic Details

After intermediate FSc (pre engineering) or A-Levels with chemistry, physics and biology a student have to take admission in BS biotechnology 4 years program. After that students can also take admission in MSc biotechnology and then PhD/ MS in biotechnology in the following universities.

Biotechnology Universities In Pakistan

Biotechnology Scope in Pakistan

It is been saying that this is the era of biotechnology where the biosciences and technology has been merged and new species of nourishment and beings are been introduced. Yes of course! It has been possible now to generate a baby without a natural process and the process that engender a new born with natural process is called biotechnology. So one who knows to do this is such a worthy person and we can assume that how the scope of a biotechnology is advanced. There are various biotechnological research centers are located in Pakistan like NARC Islamabad and NIBGE Faisalabad are the two well renewed organizations in Pakistan that are producing new technologies with the use of biotechnology. Similarly there are various big numbers of organizations in Pakistan where once can build his her career if he holds a biotechnological degree.

Biotechnology Jobs and Salary In Pakistan

As I have discussed the scope of biotechnology in above passage short passage and you see that how the need of creative bio-technologists are required in Pakistan. So the organizations pays a handsome salary amount to its employee. One can also go for teaching job and become a lecturer teacher of biotechnology in any university or college and can get a handsome amount of salary per month. Moreover the salary is also depends upon the experience of an employee. But according to a general assessment the starting salary for a bio-technologist is start from Rs. 30, 000/- and this figure is increased or decreased according to the area of specialty, type of employee and experience of an employee with biotechnology field.

Hence this is all about Biotechnology scope and salary, jobs in Pakistan universities. Hope you are all now very familiar with the importance and rank of this highly acquire mixed form of biology and technology. In case you have and FAQs or suggestion relating to this article you can send your reviews in the comment section below of this passage.

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