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How I Plan To Spend My Summer Vacation Essay

How I Plan To Spend My Summer Vacation Essay as My summer vacations have been started now and this time I have many plans that how I will be spending my summer vacations. This time I have make this promise from myself that I will be making the best routine, I will be grooming my personality and I will be staying active and fresh in all these vacations. This will be my goal that apart from playing I will also be studying side by side and will be completing my course too.

Praying Five Times A Day:

I will be trying to offer my prayers 5 times a day. Because of the tough school routine, I missed out many of the prayers but it will be in these summer vacations that I will develop this habit of offering my prayers regularly. This time Ramadan is also coming in the vacations, I will also try to have all the fasts. May Allah give me strength to do all this!

Studying 3 Hours In A Day:

Apart from offering prayers, I will also show seriousness towards by studies. I will not only be doing my holidays homework but I will also try to make a revision of all of my course subjects because right after the summer vacations, I will have the exams and i do not want to face any kind of difficulty.

How I Plan To Spend My Summer Vacation Essay

Joining A Tennis Club:

Health is wealth and I cannot neglect and avoid sports at all. In these vacations, I will be taking the proper training of playing tennis. I love this sport and want to become much trained and master in it. I will be registering myself in some good and reputable tennis club centre.

Visiting Some Northern Areas:

My summer vacations will be incomplete if I will not be visiting any northern area. I will be making plans with my family to make a visit to Muree, Naraan and Kaghan so that all of us can have the refreshment in our lives.

This is How I Plan To Spend My Summer Vacation Essay. I am full enthusiastic this time; I will not feel lazy this time. I will be taking proper sleep but will not be sleeping till 12:00 pm. Hopefully that if I will follow this schedule and time table of these summer holidays, I will come out as a better person. May Allah be with me all the time.

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