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Speech On 14th August Independence Day of Pakistan in English

Today I am going to consecrate my words to my homeland in the form of speech on 14th August Independence Day of Pakistan in English. “14th August” the day of birth of Pakistan and the day to standup together singing the national anthem and to raise the sound of proclaiming that ‘we are Pakistani’. Yes of course! This is a devotional day for all Pakistani nationals not only in Pakistan but also for those Pakistanis who are sitting in abroad countries. The reason is that Pakistan is our unique recognition on the map of world. The reason is before the formation of a separate country for sub-continental’s Muslims; no one respect the real religious rights of Muslims. The one of the big issue between Hindus and Muslims was the difference between their living styles, in their rituals, in their foods as well as their litanies. If Muslims use to eat cow’s meat the Hindus use to adore before cow, if Muslims bow before Allah and the Hindis bow before stones (Baghwan). More over Hindus were superior in amount while Muslims were a few and helpless. So in these hurdles one man see a dream of Independence and one aim to make his dream come true and after a lot of efforts and delegations Pakistan came into being.

Speech On 14th August Independence Day of Pakistan in English

Speech On 14th August Independence Day of Pakistan in English

The one who see the dream of Pakistan was Dr. Allama Muhammad Iqbal (The Poet of East). That time Muhammad Ali Jinnah (Quaid-e-Azam) was a student and a member of Hindu political party ‘congress’. But after listing this dream and when he come to know that congress was just supporting Hindus and neglecting Muslims, he move towards Muslim Political party “Muslim League”. Entrance of this hero in this party was a massive turn around for Muslims.

Alongside the Quaid-e-Azam and Allama Iqbal; the name of “Sir Syed Ahmed Khan” is also written in golden worlds. Sir Syed realize Muslims to learn English and he organize schools and colleges where Muslims were independently allowed to take admission and to study English. Afterward when Muslim got educated they were allowed to apply for jobs. After that when Muslim League got stronger with the entrance of educated youth Quaid e Azam put the question to get an Independence country with the name of “Pakistan”. He give a track and work hard on it and it was the result of this efforts that The Pakistan came into being on 14th August, 1947.

When it was announced that all the Muslims of Sub Continent will migrate from India to Pakistan, Hindus start killing them openly. Many of our forefathers, little child, our brothers, our mothers and sisters were killed brutally by Hindus. But at the end Muslims got their homeland.

So it is really a big day for all of us to remember that sanctify and efforts and we all thank God to our Allah who bestowed us with this peace land where we can live independently under the Islamic Rules. Thank God once again and we all pray that Allah keep our motherland alive for ever till this world.

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