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Thursday , March 30 2017
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List Of PAF Cadet Colleges In Pakistan

List of PAF Cadet Colleges in Pakistan is now available online for your help. If anyone wants to take admission in a military college or PAF college then that person should have to follow some rules that help the man to understand and to apply without any mistake. So we are here to help you and give you guidance and to give you a List of PAF Cadet Colleges in Pakistan. This might help you to have admission in your required field and to have a chance to improve yourself.  Army is considered as the most important part of a nation or a country and is also represents the nation. So the army should be very powerful and strong as it acts like the security of the country. For Pakistan there is no need to worry about because, we have the finest army of the word which is always busy in the tasks to keep Pakistan safe and secure from external and internal threats. Pakistan air force is considered as the eyes of the country and is the main helper of the military. The air force of Pakistan has its own training centers that are much equipped and are ready for every kind of mishap. We can say that we have the finest air force of the world. All this is because of the Pakistan Air Force Cadet Colleges that produces the finest soldiers of the word.

List of PAF Cadet Colleges in Pakistan

List of PAF Cadet Colleges in Pakistan

Here we have some of the Pakistan Air Force Cadet Colleges enlisted for the youngsters that wants to know about the PAF colleges of Pakistan:

1Fazaia Degree College Peshawar
2Fazaia Inter College, Shaheen Camp, Peshawar
3Fazaia Model School, Badaber, Peshawar
4Fazaia Inter College, Kohat
5Fazaia Degree College, Risalpur
6Fazaia Degree College, MRF Kamra
7Fazaia Degree College, F-6 Kamra
8Fazaia Inter College, Minhas, Kamra
9Fazaia Inter College, Nur Khan
10Fazaia Inter College, Jinnah Camp, Nur Khan
11Fazaia Inter College, Islamabad
12PAF College Lower Topa , Murree
14Fazaia Inter College, Kalabagh
15Fazaia Inter College, Kallar Kahar
16Fazaia Inter College, Sakesar
17Abdul Razzaq Fazaia College, M M Alam
18Fazaia Inter College, Lahore
19PAF College, Sargodha
20Fazaia Inter College, Mushaf, Sargodha
21Fazaia Model Inter College, Mushaf, Sargodha
22Fazaia Degree College, Rafiqui
23Fazaia Degree College, Faisal, Karachi
24Saleem Nawaz Fazaia College, Masroor, Karachi
25Fazaia Inter College, Malir, Karachi
26Fazaia Inter College, Korangi Creek, Karachi
27Fazaia Inter College, Samungli , Quetta

This is the list of cadet colleges that are specially built or the training of the air force soldiers. This list contains the maximum number of the colleges of Pak-Fazaia that are professional in training the candidates to be a part of Pakistan army and to fight for the security and safety of Pakistan.

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