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General Knowledge Books

General knowledge means the knowledge of all the things those are available in the universe. It is quite difficult to get the knowledge from some specific point or book. It needs a lot of concentration and hard work to collect the general knowledge and retain it when it needed. In addition to this, General Knowledge Booksit is quite difficult for someone who is going to collect knowledge of the world to read thousands of books available in the market as well as data from the internet.

Factually speaking, the one who is smart he may categorize the knowledge and then get over it. He may divide it into regions, countries, current issues, history etc. When we are talking about the conditions of Pakistan, the students may want the data specifically for the job related tests. The candidate must aware of the basic knowledge of, Islamiat, Pakistan Studies, Current Issues and Political scenario and Capitals of the countries.

In this scenario, the question is that where to get the accurate and updated information. The solution to that problem is that, one should go through these books and he may get enough information so that he can utilize it in different events of his life.

General Knowledge Books

  • One liner Islamiat MCQ’s by Dogar Publishers
  • Pakistan studies MCQ’s by Dogar Publisher
  • A World Map that may provide basic information of the countries, capitals and population.
  • Who is who and what is what. It should be updated otherwise one should get the help of the Internet to update it if someone wants to update it. The updated and accurate information matters.
  • General knowledge MCQ’s by Jahangir Publishers
  • The most important thing for someone to get himself update from the current affairs of the national as well as international affairs he me read Newspaper on daily basis.
  • If you are up to dated with Current Affairs of Pakistan then you are not required for any general knowledge book

At the end, the books may provide knowledge that need to be updated so for the sake of updating one should consult internet for the confirmation of information. Internet is quite simple and affordable mode of information.

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