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Short Essay On Labour Day In Pakistan Speech on 1st May

Short Essay On Labour Day In Pakistan Speech on 1st May; Labour Day is not only celebrated with the zeal and zest in Pakstan but all other countries of the world too. On this day there will be many debates and talk session that will attract the attention of the world. This 1st May Labour Day is celebrated in a hope that one day all the labour will get better working condition wherever they are working. All over the country this Labour Day is not celebrated on the same date as in USA this day is celebrated on the first Monday of every September and here in Pakistan this day is celebrated on 1st May. In our country Pakistan the labour policy were introduced during 1972 and it is declared that the labour day will be celebrated on 1st may and that will be a public holiday. Pakistan is also a member of the International Labour Organization (ILO) so that is why here this day is also celebrated in so that employers could improve the working conditions for the Labours and praise them for their hardworking day and night in your organization.

Short Essay On Labour Day In Pakistan Speech on 1st May

Short Essay On Labour Day In Pakistan Speech on 1st May

This is the how world wants to be celebrated this 1st May Labout day but we being the citizen of Pakistan knows that the story is totally different from the ground realities. Here we just focus on the speeches, words but not a little bit on action for doing something better. So yes 1st May is celebrated as the Labour Day in Pakistan but what is out routine we just enjoy the holiday go to visit some place with family, Watch TV, Play sports or whatever the daily routine is and the day passed and next day we are the same of the job position and in the same working conditions.

Our labour is living a miserable life here in Pakistan due to of excessive load shedding, Huge electricity and gas bills, Sky touching price of our daily consumer goods, Rising poverty and no law and order in our country. The working condition in our country is so bad, Working hours are more than the ability of labour, Low wages are offered, No Health and safety facilities. This all thing occurs because there is no rules and regulations for the labour in our country. The only thing that could change this thing is that government introduce some new laws and policies that could not only address the labour problem in our country but also try to resolve these problems with the best possible way.

So what ever happen 1st May do come and we will celebrate this day as a holiday due to Labour Day. We just claim that how much a labour is for us and we know what they will do for us but not accept anything from heart. So this day is just for the unrealistic Speeches, False promises, and unfulfilled claims. If you need to praise the main backbone of our economy that is labour of our country then this is the time to change our useless speeches into meaningful words, This is the time for action not just for the words.

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