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PEC 8th Class Result 2016 All Punjab Districts

Here we will discuss PEC 8th class result 2016 for all Punjab Districts. But before discussing this important news we will discuss the brief but informative introduction of PEC. Basically, PEC is also known as Punjab Examination Commission and it is considered to be authoritative body for arranging 8th class of examination. Moreover, PEC is organized by Punjab Government and it is responsible for arranging 8th class of exams in the Punjab Province. It arranges exams for assessing the performance of 8th class of students. Punjab Examination Commission started its working in 2005. This educational commission is working and performing for improving the examination system. Furthermore, PEC arranges tests for the different districts and then prepares the results for public as well as private sectors. This year, PEC conduct 8th class examination in the month of February and result will be announced on 31st March 2016.

PEC 8th Class Result 2016 All Punjab Districts

PEC 8th Class Result 2016 All Punjab Districts

PEC 5th and 8th Class Result 2016

Moreover, Punjab Examination Commission issues roll numbers for the students and then send to the different districts for the process of verification. After getting verification, this educational commission issues final roll number slips to the students. The last thing we would like to mention that the result of PEC class 8th exams will be announced on 31st March 2016. This web page will surely update the result whenever it will be announced by the PEC. So those students of class 8th who wants to check their result they should visit this web page on 31st March 2016.

Check the 8th class result online Now

By entering the roll number, they will quickly get their result in few minutes. In the final conclusion, we can say that only few weeks will be left for the announcement of class 8th result so students should not waste their time and visit this web page daily. Apart from knowing the result, students will also get the further details like past papers and date sheet of PEC 8th class. Finally, we can say that only after few weeks, PEC will be announce the result of 8th class. So if any student wants to check his result he should browse this web page on the daily basis. We should say best to all the students of 8th class and we hope that they will surely get good marks in their exams.

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  1. Send me

    • Name: Muhammad Umer Shaban
      Father Name: Jameel Ahmed
      Roll No: 27-128-200
      Subject Marks
      Urdu 56
      English 57
      Mathematics 55
      Science 26**
      Islamiyat 62
      Remarks: PROMOTED Total: 256**

  2. anyone send a pdf copy of 8th class result 2015 lahore board

  3. Roll no.80-207-169 class 8th ka result bta dain plz

  4. result 8th ka plz bta dain

  5. plz tell the result of following name & roll num , official page of d g khan board is actuallyy missing

    DGKhan board

    • Name: Umul Baneen Father Name: Ghulam Qamber Roll No: 67-106-309
      Subject Marks
      Urdu 77
      English 88
      Mathematics 92
      Science 83
      Islamiyat 93
      Remarks: PASS Total: 433

  6. 92-134-226

  7. 87-175-184 8th pleeeeeeeees

    • Name: Ali Raza Father Name: Muhammad Aslam Roll No: 87-175-184
      Subject Marks
      Urdu 55
      English 35
      Mathematics 57
      Science 40
      Islamiyat 71
      Remarks: PASS Total: 258

  8. Name: Ali Tariq Father Name: Tariq Naseem Roll No: 64-103-224
    Subject Marks
    Urdu 80
    English 83
    Mathematics 54
    Science 75
    Islamiyat 86
    Remarks: PASS Total: 378

  9. 93233168 is k result bta dain

    • Name: Muhammad Rizwan Father Name: Muhammad Ilyas Roll No: 93-233-168
      Subject Marks
      Urdu 79
      English 62
      Mathematics 72
      Science 62
      Islamiyat 90
      Remarks: PASS Total: 365

    • Name: Haseeb Ali Father Name: Saif Ur Rehman Roll No: 93-223-168
      Subject Marks
      Urdu 59
      English 25*
      Mathematics 49
      Science 25*
      Islamiyat 65
      Remarks: PROMOTED Total: 223*

  10. roll # 751-177-111
    jawarya akram 8th class.. district khanewal

    • Name: Tariq Ali Father Name: Muhammad Boota Roll No: 77-177-111
      Subject Marks
      Urdu 54
      English 46
      Mathematics 50
      Science 30*
      Islamiyat 53
      Remarks: PROMOTED Total: 233*

  11. Name: Muhammad Owais Ghani Father Name: Muhammad Arif Khan Roll No: 89-131-134
    Subject Marks
    Urdu 87
    English 90
    Mathematics 74
    Science 62
    Islamiyat 94
    Remarks: PASS Total: 407

  12. muhammad rizwan

    Muhammad rizwan
    Rol no 94-104-247.

    • Subject Marks
      Urdu 63
      English 51
      Mathematics 53
      Science 63
      Islamiyat 78
      Remarks: PASS Total: 308

    • Name: Muhammad Rizwan Sandu Father Name: Muhammad Aslam Sandu Roll No: 94-104-247
      Subject Marks
      Urdu 63
      English 51
      Mathematics 53
      Science 63
      Islamiyat 78
      Remarks: PASS Total: 308

    • Name: Faisal Iqbal Father Name: Muhammad Iqbal Roll No: 26-147-107
      Subject Marks
      Urdu 78
      English 67
      Mathematics 73
      Science 45
      Islamiyat 71
      Remarks: PASS Total: 334

  13. roall no 75-236-171 8th class

  14. Kindly tell me the result of this roll number 77199300 I m waiting with impatience kindly reply me soon..

    • Name: Iqra Ibraheem Father Name: Muhammad Ibraheem Roll No: 77-199-300
      Subject Marks
      Urdu 68
      English 52
      Mathematics 33
      Science 51
      Islamiyat 72
      Remarks: PASS Total: 276

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