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Friday , March 24 2017
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AutoCad 3D Commands In Urdu Free Download

AutoCad is an Automatic computer aided designing and drafting software that support both 2D and 3D layouts especially using in designing a plan of a building in civil engineering, mechanical parts of machines in Mechanical engineering, Electrical Plans of Buildings in electrical engineering and much more. So it can be stated that AutoCad interacts almost all engineering disciplines because when an engineer has invent a new plan he or she has to provide a layout of their material and then the AutoCad fulfill the needs of the new invention to be approved by the authorities legally to start work on it within legal dimensions. These days with the advancement and development in technology Autocad 3D is demanded the most because it is the format in which a draft man can design and preview the real shape of the plane after completion and construction that is more convenient and understandable then of a 2D plan. So here we have assemble a chart in which we have write down AutoCad 3D commands in Urdu and you can download free this chart and can utilize them while designing a 3D autocad drawing.

AutoCad 3D Commands In Urdu Free Download 

AutoCad 3D Commands In Urdu Free Download

Hence for approaching the 3 dimensions you have to be familiar with 2 dimensions and this chart is only useful for those who have done their 2D tools drafting annotations. So if you have done your 2D and now going to extrude this plan into isometric views then the chart will be very help full for your to ease your work done in a short period of time.

3D Short Keys For Drafting

3A3DARRAY / Creates a 3D matrix of objects in a rectangular or polar arrangement.
3DSolid 3D options on command line
BoxDraw a 3D Box within your dimensions
EXTExtrude your 2D plane into 3D according to your own dimensions
3D03DORBIT/ Rotates the view in 3D space, but constrained to horizontal and vertical orbit only.
3DW3DWALK/ Changes the 3D view in a drawing interactively to create the appearance of walking through the model.
3F3DFACE/ Creates a three-sided or four-sided surface in 3D space.
3M3DMOVE/ In a 3D view, displays the 3D Move gizmo to aid in moving 3D objects a specified distance in a specified direction.
3P3DPOLY/ Creates a 3D polyline.
3R3DROTATE/ In a 3D view, displays the 3D Rotate gizmo to aid in revolving 3D objects around a base point.
3S3DSCALE/ In a 3D view, displays the 3D Scale gizmo to aid in resizing 3D objects.
BOCreate a boundary on 3D poly line to extrude at once complete structure
BRBreak a line by defining 2 points
XExplode single entity to component parts
CylinderIf you want to draw a tube or cylinder object then use this command directly in 3D
DDUSCPUCS dialogue box at orthographic mode
REVRotate or revolve your 3D object with your mouse and stop where you want to check
RRRender Box for 3D rendering
SEMake different Section your objects to work with in different layers on each section
SLYou can make a slice a solid 3D object to see inner thickness of wall
SUYou can subtract a solid selection
UNIUnion a Solid object to copy or select it once or you can hatch on all the solid lines at once
VPORTOpen view port dialogue box to see isometric views of your drawing

3D Short Keys For 3D Layers

LAOpen a new box for 2D and 3D Layers Manager
LaycurChange object into current layer showing in the layer bar above
LaydelDelete a layer by selecting an object without reopening a layer manager
LayfrzFareez a layer for other same type of objects
LaymchOpen match properties of a layer during drawing single object in 3D
LayOffSwitch off a layer
LaywalkWalk through layers to see the side by side layers working on your object
LmanSave and restore layer status

So these are the AutoCAD 3d commands. Hope this post is help full for you to draw and design your 3D object on AutoCad software. But in case of any confusion or further query you must leave your comments in the following box and we will reply you ASAP. Thank you!

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