Cadet College Admission Entry Test Sample Papers

Cadet College Admission Entry Test Sample Papers all the details will be provided here on this page just for you. Pakistan army is the one great faculty of Pakistan to work with. Pak army is the crew that holds all the problems regarding the security of the population of Pakistan. Pakistan army has its own grace and glory. This is the reason that the youth of Pakistan is much willing to join Pakistan army. There is a procedure to join Pakistan army, the best army of the world and the best way to join, Pakistan army is to join a cadet college. There are three simple steps to join a cadet college. Follow these three steps and you will be a part of the cadet college in Pakistan. Those three steps are entry test, interview and last is physical and the medical test. First of all you should have the knowledge about on what basis you can have the admission in a cadet college. A cadet college offers admission on the following grounds. All the details of Cadet College Admission Entry Test Sample Papers are available here.

Cadet College Admission Entry Test Sample Papers

Cadet College Admission Entry Test Sample Papers

Following are the grounds for which you can have admission in the cadet college. Here you can have the Cadet College Admission Entry Test Sample Papers and all other details required.

The Primary Section:

There is an admission criterion for the primary section. The student can only join the cadet college in the defined sections as the primary section. The students can join the primary section by giving the entry test. If the student passes the entry test then he will be called for interview but if not, the candidate will be rejected. After the interview there is a physical and medical examination. It the student passes all these barriers then he will become a part of the cadet college in Pakistan.

Subjects for entry test for the primary section are as follows:

  1. Mathematics
  2. English
  3. Islamic Studies
  4. General Knowledge

The Middle Section:

The admission for middle section is same as for the primary section. In this section there is a same pattern to join the cadet college. There is an entry test and if the students pass the entry test then they are called for an interview and afterwards for a medical and physical examination. It should be kept in mind that candidate should have 60% marks in every subject of entry test or else he will be rejected. There are different subjects in different steps.

Subjects for Middle section:

  1. Mathematics
  2. General Science
  3. English
  4. Islamic Studies


This is the section has the same three simple steps that the middle section has. There is no change in the selection procedure other than this. Even the subjects are also the same in this step but the knowledge varies and changes, the knowledge should be more than the middle section.

Intermediate Section or A-Levels:

In intermediate or A-Levels admission the steps of the selection remains the same but the subjects are again changed from the middle and matriculation level. There is an entry test, interview and physical and medical examination respectively.

The subjects are:

  1. English
  2. Physics
  3. Chemistry
  4. Biology/Mathematics

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