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Famous Tourist Places in Pakistan

Do you have knowledge about the Famous Tourist Places in Pakistan then here in this article you will get full knowledge about the best places to visit. A place which is being blessed with a lot of scenic beauty and the proper and ideal combination of water and land and the entire place is decorated by green thick forest and huge mountains. In the North the mountains are being capped by the snow and in the south the land is being covered by the water of the Arabian Sea. This is the place on the Earth which is known as Pakistan. A land which is being garnished with all the natural beauty and attraction which have highly influenced the tourist from all over the globe to visits this place.

Famous Tourist Places in Pakistan

Famous Tourist Places in Pakistan

In the Famous Tourist Places in Pakistan Northern areas of Pakistan we have huge mountains and if we go on the peak we will find the snow covered mountains and glaciers which is one of the most adventurous attractions of the people. In these places we have Narran, Kaghan and Kallash which have been the point of attraction for the people for many years. These are the places which have a temperature of -5 degree Celsius to -10 degree Celsius in winters so mainly in winters these areas are being kept close but in summers when the snow starts to melt people starts to gather on these places. These northern hill stations are highly blessed by huge mountains with lavish greenery in summers and streams and lakes of water flowing besides, deep valleys and mighty huge plateau. Lake Saif-ul-Maluq and the Ansu Lake are two special spots in these areas which are mainly eye catching and desirable for the people to witness.

When we move down in the mid of Pakistan near Quetta and in the staring of Baluchistan we have one of the largest desserts in the entire world, which includes the Thar and Thal desserts which have been the center of attraction of thousands of people from the West which have never witnessed to be in the fry desserts with camels the only means of transport. If we further move down we have Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro which have one of the most traditional and old civilizations and inhabitants. So people are willing to see these old buildings and infrastructures which have the history of more than 2000 years.

In the extreme South in Karachi we have the only beach and Sea side in entire Pakistan so people who come to Pakistan surely wants to be on the coast line. Spending time near the beach and even swimming in the real sea is also one attraction for the tourist and so they make their ways mainly on the sunrise or on the sunset to tis place because at these two unmatched time intervals this place gives one of the best scenic view one’s eye can ever capture in the entire life.

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