Pakistani Youth Problems

Do you know about the Pakistani Youth Problems as if we make a count on the youth of Pakistan the stats tells the entire story. The youngsters in between the age of 15 to 35 years are up to the 67% of the total population of Pakistan which is high proportion. And this is the age group which is going through the maximum problems and discomforts. Poverty is being all over them, with very minor education levels and traditionally high unemployment is just getting in to the nerves of these people. The other very disappointing problem with the youth is that being in the culture of the country majority of them are not allowed to take their decision on their own as they are being tickled down by the guardian or the family members which have made the conditions worse.

Pakistani Youth Problems

Pakistani Youth Problems


The situation becomes more complex when we move up the northern areas in the NWFP and the Baluchistan where the Pakistani Youth Problems are being reported to get indulged in the unlawful and illegal activities like illegal trade, human trafficking, militancy ethnic and religious] and communal violence. Now let us have a view on the available education and the political system of the state which is hindering the success and growth of the youth of the country. These systems are not taking the positive steps and awareness regarding the destructive situation of the state. As the authorities have not stood up and took the responsibility of bringing back this huge population on the track by addressing to their problems but they have just continued with ignoring behavior which have further enhanced the frustration and anxiety amongst the youth which further increases the unpleasant and unlawful activities amongst this age group.

Pakistan is a country facing massive problems such as poverty, illiteracy, health issues, terrorism and the worst of all, violence. Though violence on the whole is a terrible problem, violence against women has no cultural or class limitations. No woman is protected from this Pakistani Youth Problems that is spreading in our country like an epidemic. Women in Pakistan face staggeringly high rates of rape, sexual assault and domestic violence. In 2008, a total number of 7,571 incidents of violence against women were reported in Pakistan, out of which 4,416 cases occurred in the Punjab, 1,380 in Sindh, 799 in the NWFP, 767 in Baluchistan and 209 in Islamabad while nobody knows how many such incidents go unnoticed and unreported. Approximately, 70-90% of women experience spousal abuse. The sad aspect of this situation is that the attackers largely go unpunished due to our highly incompetent justice system. If we look at statistics, 80% cases of violence against women are pending in lower courts. It is shocking and nothing less than a nightmare.

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