Pakistani Culture

People living all over in Pakistan have their own social values and society and have their numerous cultures which combine together to form a combined Pakistani Culture. People of Pakistan derives their culture from various ethnic groups all over the land which includes the Punjabis, Kashmiris, Sindhis in east, Muhajirs, Makrani in the south; Baloch and Pashtun in the west; and the ancient Dardic, Wakhi, and Burusho communities in the north. Pakistan also has its culture from various of its neighboring inhabitants and people which includes the Turkic peoples,Persian, Arab, and other South Asian ethnic groups of the Subcontinent, Central Asia and the Middle East.

Pakistani Culture

Pakistani Culture


Pakistan is one of those countries which in ancient times were known as the cultural hub where at the same land several cultural practices were being carried on and many of the great monuments which were being inherited and adopted by the ancient rulers and the kings of that specific land. One of the most influential and significant culture which was being a part of Pakistan was the great Persian Empire. One of the realities was that Pakistani satraps were at one time the richest and most productive of the massive Persian Empire. The other various cultures which were carrying immense importance includes the Afghan Empire, Mughal Empire and another very much influential but very short lived was the British Empire which was just before the independence of Pakistan.

One of the most traditional and ancient culture in Pakistan was the Indus Valley Civilization which has its roots far behind in the 2800-1800 B.C. All these various cultures have merged their values and social significances together to form the unique culture which is being observed in the land of Pakistan. Still there are different people living in different places of Pakistan which have their own language, cultural differences and social considerations. There are various provinces in Pakistan and people living in those provinces have their own traditional clothes, cultures and language. Although they all fall under one culture of Pakistan which has its language as Urdu and natioanl clothes as the Kameez Shalwar but still there are various differences in the cultural values of the people in different provinces.

Pakistan is one of those countries which are blessed by so many cultures but still they have no significant differences and which have no negative impact on the natioanl solidarity of the nation and when it comes to the word Pakistan we all fall under one culture, one language and one religion.  

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