Solutions For Pakistan Energy Crisis And Problems

Solutions for Pakistan energy crisis and problems are discussed here. It is very important that the energy crisis should be solved on emergency basis before they break the economic backbone of the country. Crying on the problem will not be the appropriate solution neither the protest nor civil disobedience will be the proper solution, but alternatives should be derived so that the burden of the entire nation on the single source of the power generation should be avoided. Bringing rental power plants to the country is not the solution because through this procedure the cast of the electricity production is being very much high which makes it expensive for the consumers also. Project based on gas usage is also not the solution because the country is already going through the gas shortage and deficiency also. The imported power generations which are being carried through the consumption of oil is also not fulfilling the need because it has already increased the Pakistan’s fuel import bill.

Solutions For Pakistan Energy Crisis and Problems

Solutions for Pakistan energy crisis and problems

There are several solutions which can be used and adopted so that the country can be set free from the power crisis. Shifting on other sources of power generation is the most effective solution for this cause. Such alternatives include solar energy as well as wind energy. It has been practiced in many countries all over the globe where the solar energy is being used to generate power even for the domestic as well as for the commercial use.

The solar panels are being placed on the roofs where direct sunlight is being exposed on to it. These panels convert the solar energy in to electricity. The initial cost for this project might be high but it has a long life and produces energy at a very low cost. So government should play the vital role in the assistance of such projects.

The other very prominent and effective way might be through the usage of wind energy or even hydra power plants which uses the energy from the wind as well as from the steam present in the core of the earth to generate power which can be used for both the domestic and commercial uses. There are few power plants based on the wind energy and hydra energy working in Pakistan but they should be increased so that they can contribute more in to the total power production of the country.

Coal which is present in excessive amount in Pakistan still un-extracted should be consumed, so that the burden of power production should be divided amongst the various sources available in Pakistan. This solution will give two benefits; one is that the power shortage will be met as the production of power will be increased, and the other benefit will be that it will make the power cheap and inexpensive, making it affordable for every individual of the country belonging to any social and economic class.

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