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E-Commerce Business In Pakistan

E-Commerce business in Pakistan is one of those terms which are getting more and more hype in the present era of modernization and technology, it stands for Electronic Commerce. As internet is getting more and more popular in the entire world including Pakistan the shift towards the electronic commerce is also being witnessed. Such high and frequent usage of internet has brought a lot of change in the life styles of the people and most importantly in the business and marketing strategies of the people. As with this internet facility the entire world has changed in to a global village and everything is in the range and approach of the people. E-commerce mainly refers to the business which is being done through the internet through the online facility. It includes selling, buying, advertising and contacting buyers and users through internet.

E-Commerce Business in Pakistan

E-Commerce Business in Pakistan

In the more detail we can describe E-commerce is using the techniques and tools of internet in ones business for several purposes like offering a retail shop online, like choosing a product from visiting the online store and then making payments online. Order can be placed for some products and they are delivered to the door steps of the user and payment can be done by cash. The trend of e-commerce can be observed as the fastest growing business of the world. To start speeding up E-commerce business in Pakistan, we should recognize e-commerce activity takes place in the USA that is almost 78 per cent. As the January 2000, over 110 million people have internet access there compared to 279 million the world over. The numbers of internet users are speeding more and more time in all around the world and same is the trend can be observed in Pakistan. In 1995, almost .01% of Pakistan population use internet but in 2010 this rate goes high and now it’s almost 15.1% of the total population.

Internet is one of the most crucial and basic constituent of the E-commerce business and As far as E-commerce in Pakistan is concerned, there are several researches which are being conducted which revealed the fact that a large number of population of Pakistan are nor facilities with the internet as either they are not aware of this need or this might be beyond their affordability reach because of recession and breathtaking unemployment in the country. So the future of E-commerce is not that much bright and profitable as compared to this business in the other countries of the world. And the other negative aspect of Pakistan is that here the fraud and theft ratio is one of the highest in the entire world, as credit card frauds and online theft is very much common which have restricted the people to open their businesses online with the help of the E-commerce. So until or unless the internet security is increased in Pakistan and secondly the popularity of internet and its availability is increased the E-commerce business cannot prevail in the country.

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