How To Write CV For An Internship

Do you know that how to write CV/Resume for an internship? Keep on reading this post to get that details… CV’s are being written for both the jobs and even for the internships. The resumes which are being written or the reason of acquiring the internship is also based on the same rules and regulations and even the same format as the resume for the job. While writing the resume for the internship the only focus should be on one thing that is the individual is not seeking for a job but he is looking for the internship. The start of the resume one should have the proper introduction of his name and personal information. This personal information should comprise of the father’s name. Contact number, permanent residential address and the e-mail id on which the employer can contact you or respond to your enquiry. After the personal information the indivudal should write the purpose statement or the objective in which he should define that he is looking for the internship in which department of the respective organization. With the same time he should also mention that he is looking forward to enhance his skills and to witness the demonstration of all the bookish knowledge he is being acquiring during his studies.

How To Write CV for An Internship

How To Write CV for An Internship

After the objective statement the individual should focus in the academic background, starting from the latest and going till his matriculation. In majority cases the latest degree is in progress while a student applies for the internship so inform the employer regarding your degree status; that how much you have completed and what are the results of your updated degree.

Tha you should illustrate all the experiences which you have made. Obviously when you are searching for an internship you will not be having g any job experience so in that case just highlight any of the training, workshop or seminar which is being attended by you, even if you have done any internship before do tell about it also.

Don’t ever show your intention or demand regarding any pay for the internship because in majority of the cases the internships are unpaid, so it is on the account of the employer whether he will offer any pay or not. So don’t initiate the demand of the pay. While concluding do attach the letter from your concerned university or college that proof that you are the student and even that gives you the permission form your education institute that you are capable of and even allowed to do internships while your education progress.

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