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Cause and Reasons of Poverty in Pakistan

Poverty is one of the biggest threats on any nation and unfortunately Pakistan is one of those countries who are facing this problem severely. There are several cause and reasons of poverty in Pakistan which have to be discussed and to determine to conclude the solution. This poverty has affected the economy of the nation adversely and has hindered the success run of the country. There are several reasons which have played their role in this problem; these problems are on the end of government as well as on the end of the people of the country. These problems have laid the foundation for this huge curse. The biggest problem is the unavailability of the jobs. If there will be no jobs than the poverty will be created through the unemployment. The jobs are not present because the national industries are being destroyed due to the energy crisis which has resulted in the downsizing of the industries and the international investors are not investing in Pakistan because of the terrorist activities which have made their lives and business both in danger. If the people will not have any earning or source of income that from where they will fulfill their expenses, so due to this specific reason the level of poverty in Pakistan is increasing day by day.

Reasons of Poverty in Pakistan

Reasons of Poverty in Pakistan

Inflation is one another reason which has contributed in raising the poverty of the country in Pakistan. The price of every product is increasing and is climbing the mountain which is ever making the products out of the affordability range of the people, so when the people will be unable to buy the basic necessities of the life due to high inflation this will results an increase in the rate of the poverty on the nation, and that is what is happening in Pakistan as we are experiencing one of the highest inflation rates in the entire world.

Government is the one who should be blamed for the cause of poverty in the country, because this is their responsibility to eliminate this problem from the country. In Pakistan the government policies have not been implemented properly and the one which are implemented are not being executed in the manner they should be resulting in the increase in poverty. Instability of the local governments and opposition of the ruling party has indulged the government in dealing with the other political parties instead of dealing the problems of the people and the country. It is the duty of the government to play their role in the decreasing the poverty of the country and to implement such policies and incentives and infrastructure which ultimately results in the decrease in poverty and increase in the stability of the country.

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