Fashion Designing Career Scope In Pakistan

As we, all know everyone want to look good, attractive and dashing. Personality of a person is depicted the way he carry himself. Personality includes clothing, accessories, shoes and trends that he follows.  Fashion is something that keeps on changing and so are the people trends. Everyone in one or the other way have to follow fashion. It could be the dressing, food, or anything else. Here that’s why we are providing you the fashion designing career scope in Pakistan. The only thing that makes difference between the civilized persons and uncivilized personality is his clothing/dressing. The initial purpose of wearing clothes is just to cover the body but now it is to give your impression to others. As clothing is the necessity of life, so no one can deny wearing them. However, how to wear them and what to wear matters a lot in describing someone personality. As clothing is a lifelong product, so the scope of fashion can never be ended. Now we are living in a fashion-oriented society where what other is wearing matters a lot. Following the Fashion is the only tool that can heighten the sense of dressing in our society.

Fashion Designing career Scope in Pakistan

Fashion Designing career Scope in Pakistan

Let first clear out the definition of fashion. It is a popular trend, especially in styles of dress, ornament, or behavior. Fashion keeps on changing. Sometimes some new trends made fashion and sometimes-old days dressing styles are repeated. Therefore, its obvious fashion designing has great scope.

Fashion Designing also deals with the changes forthcoming and presently prevailing in the culture of Pakistan.  It would not be wrong if we say Fashion Designing field is amongst the hottest trends in Pakistan. From past few years (around 3-4 years), Fashion industry has emerged as the most demanding and flourishing industry in Pakistan. Fashion designing is a vast subject, which covers many areas under it like, Garment Design, Leather Design, Accessories & Jewellery Design. Further it is divided into various categories like Apparel design, Flat pattern making, Draping, Sewing techniques, Computerized pattern design, Knitwear design, Children swear, Menswear, Swimwear, Intimate apparel, Bridal, Haute couture and tailoring, Fitting techniques, Fashion history & Fashion business. When there is so much to cover in fashion then it’s pretty clear that it has a lot of scope. Pakistani people unless male or female, everyone want to follow the trend. Even new generation (little kids) want to be in fashion. Many Universities are now moving towards this field to offer fashion designing degrees or diplomas.

The fashion designing industry is also influenced by external forces like political, economic, technological and competitive, which function as a main lever for this industry. However, the comparative strength of impact of these external factors on the industry differs is calculated with some analytical tools like PEST-C analysis and Porter’s five forces model. Nonetheless, fashion industry assures new arenas of growth and development; new opportunities for employment. This industry promises a different national projection that is serene and contemporary. In addition, in the coming 10 years Fashion Designers will experience clear rapid growth. They will experience a 5.0% rate of growth during this period. Every year the number of designers is being doubled in Pakistan but who sustain and survive in the market is actually, what matters.  Therefore, there is lot of scope on fashion industry how to keep you in the marketing is considerable.

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