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Agriculture Problems and Importance in Pakistan

Agriculture Problems and Importance in Pakistan in detail are discussed here as Pakistan is an agricultural country in which its economy and GDP is mainly dependent on the agricultural activities. Sub-continent was known as the golden bird because the land here is so fertile and productive that it enhances the farming and highly compliments the agriculture and cropping. So it is a very significant sector through which Pakistan is earning its revenue by the both sources even through the export and even through the internal consumption. Few of the major exports of Pakistan includes the wheat, barley, rice and cotton which have a larger share in the total revenue generated through the export of all the various products of Pakistan.

Agriculture Problems and Importance in Pakistan

Agriculture Problems and Importance in Pakistan

So it very important to look after this sector as it should not be taken for granted. In the recent years Pakistan is facing several problems which have dented this sector to a huge extent.one of the core issue is the water issues as it is very much compulsory that for agriculture it is for sure that it requires surplus amount of water. In 1960 Pakistan and India both went in to an agreement which was known as the Indus Water treaty through which India was bound not to stop the water from the three rivers out of five which are flowing in to the Pakistan premises originating from Himalayas in India. But India going contrary to the treaty stopped the water in large proportion making a lot of land barren and unfavorable for cultivation. This has forced the farmers to use the artificial way of irrigation which have increased the ultimate cost of production making the prepared crop more expensive for the consumers.

The other major problem is of water logging and sanitation which has decreased the productivity and the annual yield of the farmers. The water which flows through the mountains down streams brings a lot of minerals and salt with it this salt when is stored in the reservoirs and dams initially reduces the capacity of the dams and then when this salty water is used for irrigation it makes the cultivated land less productive and fertile which ultimately affects the yield of the farmer.

Farmers use various fertilizers and pesticides to increase the productivity of their land, in which the pesticides and insecticides enables them to fight against the insects and pesticides which damages the crop and on the other hand the fertilizers increases the productivity and makes the cultivated land more fertile for cropping. In Pakistan due to high inflation these facilities are going beyond the affordability range of the numerous farmers which are having short lands and limited resources. As Pakistan is an agro-based country so it has to establish this sector and should emphasize more on the development of this sector so that they can improve their economic conditions.

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