Education Problems In Pakistan Essay

Although Pakistani educational system is making progress in leap and bounds still there are many loopholes which a student can face. Students have to face many Education Problems In Pakistan which we have discussed in an essay form. By denoting the word student we refer to the youth of the country because it is the student power which is the backbone of the youth sector of any nation. According to the founder of Pakistan Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah, he stated that; students and the youth are the backbones of any nation and when it comes to Pakistan, its success and its development heavily relies on the youth and the student of the country. But the scenario is slightly different for modern Pakistan because in the present era the there are several educational problems of Pakistani students which have hindered their role in the development of the nation. So keep on reading to get one by one student problems in Pakistan and their solutions.

Education Problems In Pakistan Essay

Education Problems In Pakistan Essay

One of the most highlighted problems of a Pakistani student in the present era is that they are being used in the political games more than they can utilize their capabilities in any other productive direction. Various political parties have collaborated with the various student unions of numerous colleges and universities which have changed their course of concentration as now they are more like puppets whose control is with the political leaders which can make them dance whenever they want and no matter how they want. These selfish leaders are using the power of the youth and the power of the students for their own cause whether that is legal or ill-legal or even ethical or unethical. This type of education problems in Pakistan are mostly seen into the intermediate or sometimes undergraduate government colleges. And the results are in front of us in the form of students fights, groupings and over the studies activities on roads except studying in the class.

Another very significant educational problem in Pakistan, which is being faced by the students of Pakistan is the privatization of universities and colleges have affected the strength of the government colleges and universities. After the introduction of so many private institutes the level of education has risen to a large extent which has ultimately decreased the quality education standards of the government institutes. So the result is that the students are forced to study in private institutes for the sake of quality education and in this case, they have to pay lump sum amount which goes beyond their affordability range and becomes an additional burden on to the family.

A key education problem in Pakistan is being faced by the students of Pakistan is the limited jobs and vacancies in the market. Students are not provided with the relevant jobs during their studies as the restriction is applied that first complete the relevant education than apply for the job. This restriction forces the students to remain relied on the parents and guardians and doesn’t let them share the burden with their family. So these education problems in Pakistan should be addressed as soon as possible because the future of Pakistan heavily depends on the students of today and to secure the future of our country we should provide the students the best possible infrastructure and facilities and should solve their problem on the prime priority.

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