Impact of Terrorism on Pakistan Economy

The unofficial or unauthorized use of violence and intimidation is known as terrorism and one who perform such activities is known as a terrorist. These types of activities always distract the economical graph of any country especially Pakistan is a country which is facing one of the most destructive situation of terrorism. Here I am discussing the impact of terrorism on Pakistan economy along with its introduction, reasons, solution and conclusions. Not only government and armed forces but also the nation of Pakistan is on the urge of war with the terrorism . From more than two decades terrorist have killed thousands of innocent people and several hundred of soldiers and security official have laid their lives in their cause. This curse has not only affected the humans of Pakistan in the form of bloodshed and killing but it has also affected the economy of Pakistan negatively, which have mad the economical conditions of the country unstable. So now, let’s have a look on these impact of terrorism on Pakistan economy…

Impact of Terrorism on Pakistan Economy
Impact of Terrorism on Pakistan Economy

One of the most important reason which have affected the economy of Pakistan is that the terrorism has restricted the foreign investment in the country as the international investments in the source of projects and financial assistance for development of existing projects have been dramatically reduced because the investors have taken the threat of terrorism on their investment very seriously and have considered it unsafe to invest in Pakistan because it can affect their finance as well as their image, if they become the victim of the terrorist attack.

Not only the foreign investors have stopped their projects and investments in Pakistan but the residents of Pakistan and the national investors which are the part of Pakistan are also investing and taking their money out of the country in more safe countries like UK, USA, Middle East and Europe. This money, which is being invested outside instead of being invested in Pakistan, is causing harm to the economy of the country, as there are less projects and investments which have restricted the job opportunities so ultimately increase the unemployment of the country as more and more people are getting jobless so they are not contributing in to the national gross product GNP.

So terrorism is considered as one of the biggest threat to the economy of the country as its attack ahs also affected the infrastructure of many of the established businesses and production units so is destroying the economy of the country and if this problem is no being dealt on high priorities by the administration of the country than one might an expect more horrible and terrible affects on both the image of the country in the international world and the economy of the country.

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