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Courses After 10th Class In Pakistan Science Arts DAE CAT

Here we will discuss courses after 10th class in Pakistan science arts DAE CAT for your better consultancy. Firstly, we would like to mention that matric class is considered to be first and important step towards any academic life. It is extremely important for all the students that they should choose the best course according to their interest. In other words, we can say that after matric class the education life of student gets end and practical life gets start. We would like to mention that 10th class is very important and significant for every student because after 10th class many students would not be able to take serious decisions regarding their studies. For this purpose, students should take a proper career counseling for matric students in Pakistan. We would like to mention that students should choose their course seriously after conducting the complete research. There are different combinations of subjects are available after the10th class. In this informative post, we will discuss best courses and diplomas in Pakistan after the 10th class.

Courses After 10th Class In Pakistan Science Arts DAE CAT

courses after 10th in Pakistan Science arts DAE CAT

1.      Intermediate In Science: (FSc & ICS)

The most important field after 10th class is the intermediate in science and it is also known as FSC. The major courses that are included in this field are FSc Pre medical, FSc Pre engineering and ICS. Students should know that which subjects are included in these courses. Firstly, the main subjects that are included in pre medical are chemistry, physics and biology. On the other hand, the major subjects that are included in pre engineering are chemistry, physics and Mathematics.

  • Subjects In FSc Pre Medical
Compulsory Elective
English Physics
Urdu Biology
Pak Studies Chemistry
  • Subjects In FSc Pre Engineering
Compulsory Elective
English Physics
Urdu Match
Islamic Studies Chemistry
  • Subjects In ICS
ICS Courses
Compulsory Subjects Elective Courses
Select Any Group of the Following
Pak Studies Group 1 Group 2
English Computer Science Computer Science
Urdu Physics Statistics
Islamic Education Mathematics Mathematics

Further more the science students can also do the medical courses after matric as well as the engineering courses after 10th. But if you are not a science student then here the below are more options for you about to choose a course after matric.

2. Intermediate In Commerce (ICom)

Those students who doesn’t wants to be doctor or engineer can go into the business and accounts fields. So such students can take admission in ICom (intermediate in commerce). This is also a career build field after which you can go into the B.Com, BBA and other business related fields where you can grab a healthy career.

  • Subjects In ICom
Compulsory Subjects Elective (Optional Subjects)
Urdu Principal of Accounting (Part 1 & 2)
English Principal of Commerce (Part 1)

Commercial Geography (Part 2)

Islamic Education (Part 1) Principal of Economics (Part 1)

Computer Studies or Banking (Part 2)

Pak Studies (Part 2 Business Mathematics (Part 1)

Statistics (Part 2)

 2.      Intermediate in Arts (FA)

The second important field after 10th class is the intermediate in arts and it is also known as F.A. The major courses that are included in this field are I.COM, ICS, general science and humanities. If any students want to study the course of I.COM then he should know its major subjects such as principles of accounting, principles of economics, principles of commerce, commercial banking, banking statistics etc. Secondly, if any student wants to study the course of ICS in statistics then he should know its major subject such as statistics, mathematics and computer science.

Group – I Group – II Group – III
Statistics Mathematics Economics
Geography Philosophy Psychology
World History Civics Islamic History
English Languages Islamiyat Islamiyat
Literature French/Persian Fine Arts Music
Advance Urdu

3.     Diploma Of Associate Engineering (DAE):

The most important and popular diploma in Pakistan after 10th class is the diploma in associate engineering. Students can study diploma of associate engineering after 10th class. The duration of this diploma is 3 years. This type of diploma includes regular classes, different industrial projects, laboratory experiments and industrial tours. There are so many institutes and colleges in Pakistan which are offering this diploma. There are different types of DAE are available which are mentioned below:

  1. Electrical technology.
  2. Telecommunication technology.
  3. Mechanical technology.
  4. Chemical technology.
  5. Civil technology.
  6. Computer hardware technology.
  7. Bio medical technology.
  8. Die technology.
  9. Mold technology.
  10. Instrument technology.
  11. Petroleum technology.

These are considered to be different types of DAE. Students can choose any type of this diploma according to their abilities and interest.

4.      CAT And ACCA:

Now we would like to mention that CAT and ACCA are also considered to be important courses that mostly students wants to choose after the 10th class. There are so many accounting colleges that offer CAT and ACCA programs after the 10th class. In order to pass CAT, it is compulsory that student should pass at least 5 papers. After passing the 5 papers, student can further do ACCA. A student can start his/her career in the field of accountancy by choosing different accountancy courses in two important ways such as career in financial accounting and career in cost and management accounting.

There are so many courses options are available for those students who have passed their 10th class. Students can choose their course according to their abilities and interest. But before choosing any course, it is important that they should keep in mind that they should have interest in them. It is important that students should consider certain factors such as student should know about the scope of selected course, whether student would be able to manage his studies in intermediate, student should know the important efforts and hard work in intermediate etc.

On the whole after discussing important courses and diplomas after 10th class it is easy to conclude that before choosing any course or diploma it is important that students discuss and consult with their parents and friends. Mostly students think that getting good marks in intermediate is easy but they don’t know that intermediate requires too much hard work and effort. In the final conclusion we can say that it is extremely important for all the students who have passed their 10th class that they should spend time for conducting research and then make the final decision.


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