Causes of Floods In Pakistan

Natural disasters are always very much injurious and threatening to both the lives of people and their belongings. Government should be very much concerned regarding this as natural disasters are inevitable and cannot be avoided but proper precautionary measures can reduces the loss and damage. Recently Pakistan has been struck by several lives taking and disastrous floods which have destroyed the lives of millions of people who were exposed to it. The main aspect is too located and to identify the real causes of floods in Pakistan along their solution and conclusion. Every year the ratio of floods in tribal areas is rapidly increasing and Government and National Disaster Authorities seems to be failure with its solutions and to overcome this natural disaster. Lets see what are the causes of Floods in Pakistan.

Causes of Floods In Pakistan

Causes of floods in Pakistan

One of the major causes of floods are insufficient dams and their stability. Pakistan is in deficient of dams and the one which are present are not capable enough to deal with high intensity and pressure water flows. The flood water is mainly the cause of heavy rainfall or even the melting of snow from the mountains in the summers. So the heavy water flow is not being dealt properly, as there is less dam which can store that water which can be reused for the purpose of generating electricity later so precious water is being wasted unused. This excess water flows out of the dams and then makes the way towards the surroundings and ultimately carrying everything which comes in its way.

Salination is another reason which results in the cause of floods. The water which is being drained down the mountains after the melting of the snow carries excessive minerals and salts with them. This water is being carried in to the dams for the storage purpose. When the water is being stored the salts and minerals which are present in it just settle down at the base of the water, this just reduces the water storage capacity of the dams and for the next time they store less water in them and the remaining water makes its journey in the shape of floods; this low storage capacity of the dams also results in the causing of floods when the heavy flow of water is being drained in to the dams.

Low awareness and education regarding the use of flood water is also one valid reason which causes the floods and its devastating effects in Pakistan. The farmers are not aware of how to use the flood waters for their use, and even government has not played their part in making such infrastructure possible which includes the artificial canals which can carry the flood water to the fields in a proper manner and can make the flood water used for the purpose of irrigating the fields. These are all the reasons which have contributed in making the floods one of the greatest threats for the people of Pakistan.

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