Top 10 Careers And Professions In Pakistan

Although there are a lot of professions and their corresponding careers are there in Pakistan. but one can not opt all these professions. A profession in which one can make progress are very few and that is why here on this page I am presenting you the top 10 careers and professions in Pakistan. Many companies and departments open jobs in Pakistan in News Papers. One can only apply if he or she is meeting with its eligibility. The level of work and at the same time combined with the level of demand defines the amount of salary and the worth of the profession in Pakistan and even in the entire world. Moreover I suggest you that your profession should be according to your field of studies and your experience of working that you have to be attain to grow up your future with your best ways. The reason to state this words is just because the age has come where the only hard-work is not sufficient but you should also do a smart-work along with. So here below of this passage here is a list of top 10 careers in Pakistan which are providing better career counseling for students from matric to masters level.

Top 10 careers and professions in Pakistan

Top 10 careers and professions in Pakistan


1.    Doctor (MBBS & BDS):

On the top of the list I will put the doctors and the profession of medical, this is because it is one of the most respectable and honored job and at the same time it one of the highest paid job in Pakistan. The doctors can easily earn more than three hundred thousand a month which is a huge amount of money. Students who have done their education from universities like King Edward, Agha Khan and Fatima Jinnah medical college are being hired hand to hand.

2.    Sports:

If you are a good sportsman than in the country like Pakistan you can make it as one of the most successful and highest earning profession. Sports which include Cricket, Hockey, Football and even Snooker can earn you great respect, fame and money.

3.    Audit and Accounts:

Accountants and the auditors are also being considered to be a very stable and appreciating profession in Pakistan. The Auditors which have complete their Chartered Accountant CA degree from any renowned institution which includes PAC and SKANS can easily earn about two hundred and Fifty thousand a month.

4.   Civil Superior Service (CSS):

Being a part of civil services on provincial and federal level is one of the most desirable profession for the majority of the people in Pakistan and that is one reason that almost 30,000 people appear in the CSS exams every session to get enrolled in to it but only 3000 or so are being selected but the one which are selected enjoys high salaries and authority.

5.     Marketing and Brand Management:

People who are being employed in the respective fields of marketing and brand management are being also awarded with immense financial and non-financial benefits. Although the job is very much tiring but if you have good educational backgrounds which might include your bachelors or master from LUMS, LSE or IBA than it might benefit you and you might be able to earn around one Hundred thousand a month. People doing BBA and MBA in Pakistan for grabbing these professions.

6.      Software Engineering:

As it is the tenure of Information and Technology than being a software engineer is one of the best profession and occupation in Pakistan. If the graduates are from the institutions like FAST and NUST than high salaries with huge incentives might be the monthly package of the employee.

7.   Human Resource Management (HRM):

Being the Human Resource Professional is also a very charming profession in Pakistan. Institutes which are being considered in this respect include PIQC, LUMS, LSE, IBA and Punjab University. The graduates are being appointed either in the organization itself or at the same time they are being hired by any external recruiting firm in Pakistan.

8.     Mechanical Engineering:

Engineering is no doubt a very bright profession in Pakistan and Engineers from UET and Punjab University might be hired immediately as they complete their education but this job does not immediately pay you as it will grind you and will polish you and after several years of tireless effort it will make you the gem and then people will run after you get you in their organizations on huge packages. Students are also doing the DAE diplomas in this field which is also a better choice.

9.    Web Designing:

Internet and its usage have been increasing in Pakistan so the need of getting your business online has also increase. So in this regard the need for the web designers and controllers is mounting and such individuals are being hired on handsome salaries and incentives.

10.  National Forces:

Being a part of the National army, air force or even navy is itself an honor and respect for the employee. So the profession of being in natioanl forces is also one huge and stable occupation which is being paid as well as largely respectable all over the country.

these are all the list of top 10th careers and professions in Pakistan details. As you have seen that there are lots of fields in Pakistan, but the above wrote are the top and the most scope full fields. You can not only obtain a good rank but you can also get an easy job for a handsome salary package. You can also suggest others about to choose a best professional field in Pakistan after matric, inter, graduation and masters.

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  1. In pakistan css is on the top of every field css means superior services you gave it the 4th number. Css means “key wheels on which the entire engine of the state has to move”.

  2. you have not mention judiciary in the list. Is it not a remarkable or honorable profession ? Or not desirous by most of the people specially in Pakistan ?

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