Importance of Technical Education in Pakistan

Essay on Importance of Technical Education in Pakistan.Pakistan is a developing country and in this respect it has to be very much concerned regarding its economy so that it should be stable and their run for development should not be affected. A country starts to grow when its imports become lesser than their exports. The cash inflow increases and the cash outflow decreases, for that purpose major production should be made at the country and should not be imported from the foreign countries. Production of things requires the technical know-how of the processes and the equipment because without it the production cannot be done. If we talk about Pakistan we are lacking in the technical education and we are far behind in producing goods as compared to other countries as we are relying heavily on the imports. To enhance our production we need our people and our youth to indulge themselves in the technical field so that they can come forward and control and enhance the production department and the production capability of our country.

Importance of Technical Education in Pakistan

Importance of Technical Education in Pakistan

So that in result we can reduce our imports and increase our exports so there should be a positive difference between both the two cash flows. India is one major example which has grown due to just enhancing their technical information. They have all the production units of all the major brands at their home which have reduced their imports to almost 53%. All this has contributed in to their GDP and their ultimate growth due to the stability of the economy.

As far as Pakistan is concerned it is very much crucial and significant that the Pakistani youth and the upcoming students capitalize to the situational demand and adopt the opportunity to play their role in the upbringing of the economy of our country. In that respect the initial stage is to impart the awareness. The utmost step is to make people aware regarding the deficit and the necessity of this field and how they can contribute to the national cause. If the awareness is imparted than the people will be attracted automatically. The next major phase is to establish technical institutes and schools which can facilitate the students with quality and productive information and education.

This will increase the interest of people in this field which is not that much popular amongst the nation as the other fields like medical and engineering are. So if Pakistan gets successful in attracting and diverting its nation towards this field; which is the field of technology than Pakistan can reduce their imports and will be able to start their own production of numerous products and brands. There is no doubt that the upcoming century is the century of technology and for the survival in the competitive world Pakistan has to bring this change and mind shift if they want to become a developed country and to stand besides many developed countries of the World on the large scale.

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