6th September 1965 India Pakistan War History Defence Day

6th September 1965 India Pakistan war history and the storyline behind Pakistan’s defence day is all discussed here with details. Here I have discussed the causes and reasons of happening this day as well as the results of this war and celebrations of 6th September. Well; this day is named as “Defence Day”, “Youm-e-Difa”, “Youm-e-Yakjehti”, “National Day” and “The Day of 1965 War”. On this day India and Pakistan fire with each other due to a matter about governance of India rules in Jammu and Kashmir. This day is really very important day for all the Pakistani nation even they are living in Pakistan or sitting abroad but having Pakistan nationality. This was the day when thousands of causalities were happen in which there were not only Army officers and soldiers but a big numbers of common persons also put forwards their lives for the safety of Pakistan. I am also hoping that one of your relative or any elder should have the experience of this day. This was a horrific time and days but the success kiss the steps of Pakistan and Pakistan gone successful in their aim to rule out Jammu Kashmir.

6th September 1965 India Pakistan War History Defence Day

6th September 1965 India Pakistan War History Defence Day

Duration of 6th September 1965 India Pakistan War

This war was a result of skirmishes wars which begin from April 1965 and ended on 6th September 1965. This was a Five-Week war i.e. 1. 5 months on both sides…

Causes of 1965 War

“Pakistan’s Operation Gibraltar” to filtrate Indian governance from Jammu and Kashmir

History of September 1965 War Between India & Pakistan

Well the main cause of this conflict was Jammu and Kashmir. India was wanting to rule out Jammu Kashmir with its governance but Pakistan was totally against it. Actually Pakistan wants to solve this issue with a paper work but India knows that if this issue goes in Papers the decision will be in favor of Pakistan. That’s why India was doing wrong and wanting to forcefully hold Jammu Kashmir. So in reply Pakistan Army prepare a plan to prevent India and that plan was named as “Pakistan’s Operation Gibraltar”. This operation proved to be in favor of Pakistan to infiltrate Indian governance from Jammu. India got hyper and attack on Pakistan without any intimations.

Story Line Of This War Scene

That was night time and all the public was sleeping and taking rest. Suddenly a news was released through radio, televisions and mosques that get up for defending your lives and your homes. Initially Pak Army and Pak Air Force replies the Indian attack and stop them to reach to public. Afterwards; within minutes all the nation get erected and stand up with Pakistan armed forces to answer the Indian brutal attack. Well the targeted point by the Indian Army was Wagah Border Lahore, Pakistan to enter in Lahore but Indians could not do that because of B. R. B. canal and then Pakistan Army become a metal wall before Indian fires and successfully return them back foots and success kiss the steps of Pakistan. This war was also called as “India Pakistan Kashmir War”.

Martyrs of 6th September, 2016

These were the golden names of Pakistan Army martyrs who sacrificed for Pakistan during this war. In the order by the Prime Minister of Pakistan Ayub Khan, all these martyrs were awarded by the “Nishan-e-Haider” which is the most note able award in the military. So the names we salute are…

  • Captain Sarwar, Major Tufail
  • Major Raja Aziz Bhatti
  • Major Shabbir Sharif
  • Major Muhammad Akram
  • Sarwar Muhammad Hussain
  • Lance Naik Muhammad Mehfooz
  • Havaldar Lalak Jan

Celebrations of 6th September Defence Day of Pakistan

Tuesday 6th September, 2016

This is a public holiday since 1965 after the announcement of the PM Ayub Khan. Of course this was a big victory for Pakistan so every year Pakistani nation celebrate this day in the memory of their martyrs and the happiness of success against India. Pakistani lighten the candles and raise Pakistani flag and people come at wagha border to salute the martyrs. Moreover on national level all the ministers and other big personalities arrange massive parties to see the expertise of Pakistan Air Force (PAF) and Pakistan Army and also Pakistan Navy. So if you are also a true patriot and want to celebrate this day then get ready because it is a head of few days. So this is all about 6th September 1965 India Pakistan war history defence day.

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