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Common CV mistakes to avoid

Resume is the most initial source which gives the image if the applicant on the employers mind so it is the one which can either wins you the interview or even can eliminate you in the screening process. It is obvious that the Resume font make you get the job because interviews make you win the job, while the resume just make you win the interview, so it is very important to make up to the interviews and for that purpose the CV should not be taken for granted and especial concentration should be devoted to it for making it more accurate and appropriate.

Common CV mistakes to avoid

Common CV mistakes to avoid

While making a CV student makes several mistakes which are considered as a negative and might cost you the job. The basic and very common mistake the students makes is they involved many false information in the resume to make it more attractive and more appropriate according to the job requirements, these false statements might be indulged in the academics as well as in the experience section. These false statement and information might win you the interview but the employer will soon get to know the reality because in interview he will critically ask on such factors so ultimately you will lose the job and additional insult and humiliation will be received so it’s better to right the accurate and real information regarding yourself in the resume.

In the resume never ever right the salary which you are aiming for or even don’t portrait your desperation for the job, because in both the cases you will be adversely affected, as in the salary the employer will consider it as a negative aspect as before all the procedures you are aiming for the monetary benefits and the desperation will also make your employer feel unsatisfied because desperate employee are the one who are unemployed for a long time.

Always print your CV every time you submit it in hardcopy and make sure that you don’t submit the photocopies of the resume, as you print it once and to avoid the cost makes several photocopies of it. The other aspect which should be taken under consideration is that one should never attach a scanned photograph on it but do make it possible that you attach a real photograph with stapler or glue as it gives an impressive image and presentation to your resume. So always work hard on the resume so that it should play the vital role in getting you to the interview and ultimately to the job

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