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How to Negotiate Salary in Job Interview

People apply for jobs, submit their resumes and then attend the interview session; the basic aim behind all these processes is to capture the job and to achieve the ultimate objective which is to earn the living which is being obtained by the salary one will get when he will do any particular job. So when an individual will be appearing in any job interview sooner or later the interviewer will pose the enquiry regarding the salary which the interviewee is demanding or even accepting. This is the stage when the employer will throw tricky questions and will judge how desperate and greedy you are for that particular job. Here is guide for all the candidates that how to juggle this tricky question in to your own favor.

How to Negotiate Salary in Job Interview

How to Negotiate Salary in Job Interview


The employer will ask the individual that what are the expectations and demands regarding the salary. Never ever impose your demand to the employer because this is considered either unprofessional or even unethical to post your demand. The interviewee should have a rough idea through his market survey that what other companies are applying to the same job for which he has applied. Always make sure that you don’t give the first bit, let your employer give you the first amount. Through the diplomatic conversation bring him on the market value. The employer will be very happy to give the market value to his employees.

If the candidate posts his demand which is below the market value, this will convey a negative impact and image on the employer as this will show your desperation and eagerness for the job. This will only take place in two scenarios one is that the interviewee is very much desperate and curious for this job due to financial crisis and the second is that he or she is not aware of the market situation and has just given a guess. In both the cases the employer will consider it negative and inappropriate for the job.

On the other hand if the interviewee will demand more than the market value this will again be unacceptable for the interviewer and in this case he will not consider that whether it is displaying a positive image or negative he will simply reject the applicant because they also have a budget in which they have to accommodate all the employees. So the best possible answer to this important question is to wait until your interviewer himself gives you the value otherwise if it is on you and you have to give the demand than do demand the price which is around the present market value of the same job.

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