Why Students Cheat in Exams

Do you know that Why Students Cheat in Exams there are some reason behind that as Examination is the one source through which the academic potential of the students is being tested and are being rewarded as per their performance in these appearances. So it is very much important for the students to score good in their exams and that is one nighty reason why the students do cheating and use unfair means of aid in their examination; because they want to score well and want to be compatible enough to sustain and survive in the cruel competitive world outside. According to a research it is being concluded that the crucial reason behind the cheating and using unfair means in the examination by the students is just to overcome their fear of being failed.

Why Students Cheat in Exams

Why Students Cheat in Exams


The major reason behind Why Students Cheat in Exams during the examination is the lack of knowledge and information amongst the students, that is why they opt for such unfair means of helping and doing well in their exams. There are several reasons which are responsible for this lack in knowledge and information which includes

  • Inattentive behavior of students in class.
  • Irregular attendance in the class (not Punctual)
  • Unsatisfactory preparation before the examination
  • Insufficient utilization of resources which includes the books and reference texts.

These are the few reasons which are responsible for the lack of knowledge amongst the students, and this on the behalf of students. As this drawback is just because of the causal and informal attitude and behavior of the students during their academic classes which have made them less competent and expert in attending the examination so in such situations getting good grades is not practical so students opt for such cheating methods to cope up with the negative and weak situation in which they are before while appearing in their examinations.

Another very significant reason behind the cheating of students in their exams is the lack of confidence and trust on their knowledge that is also very important reason for such unfair activities during the exams. This is because they are not sue regarding their information authenticity so for conforming whether they have the right answer to make it sure students look for such activities which are considered as illegal, unfair and unethical too during the examination.

The responsibility of Students Cheating in Exams conducted by the students also falls on the course instructors and the relevant concerned teachers who have the responsibility to make sure that the concepts of the students are well cleared and they should not have any misconception so that while appearing in their exams they should not be looking for such acts but should be very much confident on what they have and should rely on their own knowledge only.

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