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Dengue Fever Prevention, Causes, Symptoms, Treatment and Signs

Know all about the Dengue Fever Prevention, Causes, Symptoms, Treatment and Signs as recently a new and very dangerous disease has poked his head and has caused critical illness as well as several deaths due to its spreading in all over Pakistan. Dengue fever is one of the very deadly diseases if not treated at the very initial stage. Actually the disease is being transmitted by mosquitoes which carry a family of viruses.The Dengue fever is basically a serious illness which begins abruptly basis with breathtaking symptoms on the patient. Dengue which is pronounced as DENG-gay has the potential to cause harm to anyone how is being exposed to its biting but the people who are most likely to be affected are those having a relative weak immune systems.

Dengue Fever Causes, Symptoms and Signs

Dengue Fever Prevention, Causes, Symptoms, Treatment and Signs

There are four serotypes of virus and anyone of the serotype is sufficient through which dengue is being caused. And after this the attacked body becomes immune to those specific serotypes for the rest of his life which makes it possible to have dengue fever several times.  The dengue fever causes critical symptoms on the patient. When the patient is being bitten by the mosquito carrying any one of the four serotypes the gestation period ranges from three to fifteen days before the signs starts to appear on the body of the effected person. The symptoms of dengue fever appear in stages. The very initial stage is with the shills, headache and pain upon moving the eyeballs. This is the pain which gives the hints of the dengue fever. The pain in lower back is also being witnessed by the affected people.


Sever pain in the legs and joints of the individual also make him feel very much uncomfortable. This is the initial stage of sever muscular pain.  The temperature keeps on varying which is one of the very prominent symptoms of dengue. It is obvious that sudden increase in the temperature up to 104F or 40 degrees Celsius with very low heart beat (bradycardia) and very declined blood pressure (hypotension). The eyes of the patient become blood red and pink spots and pale pink rashes appear on the entire body of the patient, these pale rashes often disappear on their own. The next stage becomes when the body temperature declines to a very low extent ultimately causing the body to shiver at a very high rate.

Dengue Fever Prevention, Treatment

The diagnosis of the dengue fever is usually made when thepatientunveils the quantifiable symptoms which includes headache, pain in the legs, high fever, sever muscular aches and pale pink rashes and spots appearing on the entire body. Infection can cause by the only one bite of the carrying mosquito. The probability of biting is very high in the early morning as well as at the sunset, although the mosquito can feed any time of the day. So the most appropriate solution to this is to avoid you being bitten by the mosquitoes. People are advised to used insecticides and mospels and don’t let water get gathered in front of your houses or in the homes. This is because the mosquitoes make their reproduction on the water. So the best possible solution to avoid the dengue fever is to protect yourself from the biting of the mosquitoes and with the same time ensure clean and hygienicenvironmentaround you.

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