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Journalism in Pakistan History and Role

Do you know the Journalism in Pakistan history and role? As quickly as media has taken the prominence and priority in the society of Pakistan, same is the case with the journalism. Journalism is also getting more and more highlighted among the people and the main reason is that it has attracted many people to choose it as the profession and with the same time it has given access to the millions of people all over the country. In the last 2 decades or so; journalism has got popularity and appreciation from the local public all over the globe especially from the people of Pakistan. Through journalism in Pakistan the journalists have presented the report and investigations on all the national and international issues to the broad massed audience, and through the electronic media this has become simpler and more effective.

Journalism in Pakistan History and Role

Journalism in Pakistan History and Role

In Pakistan journalism has enlightened all the issues of the country and has presented the report to the audience. This has both negative and positive impacts, as the negative impact of disclosing all the facts and figures and issues might endanger the international image of the state or might give clues and links to the international people regarding the secrets of the state and beside it on the other hands it has increased the level of awareness amongst the people and now they more clear and more aware of what is going around them which was once kept hidden.

Journalists have opted for almost all the topics with in the country and for that reason they have even acquired the responsible and concerned people to answer those questions or to defend all the allegations. The political shows and talk shows have brought the sense of interest in the people regarding the authorities and the administration of the country and even they are now aware of what challenges the government is going through and what are the steps and measures they have taken to get rid of all such problems. The conversations have also given chance to those people to put up their perception which are not in the government as the consent of every political party is being listened and entertained at huge level so this gives the people of Pakistan the alternatives from which they can choose the best possible option for the sake of their country.

The Role of religious journalism in Pakistan has reduced the level of ambiguity and misunderstandings amongst the people of various different sects living in Pakistan which has united the nation and at the same cause they have reduced the points of differentiation which has further strengthen the bonds of brotherhood amongst the people of Pakistan. so journalism might prove very much beneficial and productive for the people of Pakistan as long as it is being done with positive intention and honest dedication towards the state of Pakistan.

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