What is Investment Banking In Pakistan

Do you have knowledge about What is Investment Banking in Pakistan as Investment banking is generally the financial institute that provides their assistance to the various levels of bodies which includes the local individuals, corporations and even the governments for the purpose of raising their capital and to the companies so that they can enhance their portfolio. The investment banking is done either be underwriting or by acting as the clients agent in the issuance of securities. Generally the investment banking comes from the stock and bonds transfer. Bankers which are involved in the investment banking re very highly trained employees and having goodwill as one of those elite panel people who are highly involved in the financial transactions over the country and even are renowned in the financial marketplace.

What is Investment Banking

What is Investment Banking In Pakistan


The investment banking also heavily emphasize on the mergers and acquisitions and provide their services linking to market making, foreign exchange, commodities and the equity securities. The investment banking is traditionally known as the corporate finance which is also working for aiding the customers to raise their funds and capitals and to give valuable advices on the mergers and acquisitions. Here the dealing between the buyer and the seller is also made with bank provide all the securities. When we talk about larger and giant mergers and dealing than the investment banking is restricted to only for the advice purpose because such giants makes their decision in their own offices and properties, but the companies which involves lower amount of financial transactions and worth even give bank the authority of making the decision also, so it is the investment banking unit which makes the decision on the behalf of their customers and clients.

The investment banking in Pakistan division (IBD) is generally divided into industry coverage and product coverage groups. There is a significant difference between the both divisions. The industry coverage generally focuses on the specific industry of the state which might include healthcare, industrials and even technology; these works to maintain profitable relationships with corporations within the industry so that it should bring in business for the bank.Product coverage groups focus on financial products, such as mergers and acquisitions, leveraged finance, public finance, asset finance and leasing, structured finance, restructuring, equity, and high-grade debt and generally work and collaborate with industry groups on the more intricate and specialized needs of a client.

Investment bankers in Pakistan typically enjoy a great deal of job security. Corporations of all sizes and maturity levels can make use of investmentbanking services, and there is almost always a market for these skills. Entry-level workers almost always have wide horizons for growth and promotion.

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