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Weather and Seasons in Pakistan

Pakistan is one of those countries which have pleasant weather and seasons all year around neither they become. Here I have discussed all about the information about four weather and seasons in Pakistan. Hot and intense that it becomes unbearable neither it become freezing chilled has that it become breathless for the people to survive so we can denote the weather of Pakistan as the human friendly as throughout the year the weather in Pakistan is very much pleasant and satisfying. Pakistan falls on one of the ideal location on the globe with the most desirable longitude and latitude. There are four seasons in Pakistan which are being observed in Pakistan in one calendar year. The first season is the winter which starts from the November and ends till the February the weather in this season becomes very cold but not freezing. In the Northern areas the temperature falls till negative degree but still it become acceptable for the people living in the northern areas because they are used to of bearing such cold weather.

Weather and Seasons in PakistanWeather and Seasons in Pakistan

From the late February the spring season starts which brings pleasant weather in Pakistan which becomes suitable for cultivation, and that is when greenery and flowers poke out there heads. The weather becomes less cold and more pleasing to the people who make the people move out of their houses to the nearby parks and hill stations.

In the late March and April the Autumn season is being observed in Pakistan when trees tarts to shed their leaves and dry winds starts to blew all over the land. This is the initiative taken which gives the news of the summers which are to be followed. The temperature significantly rises to the early 30’s with hot and dry wind prevailing all over the land.

From May Weather in Pakistan the summers starts to enter in the geographical area of Pakistan and it becomes intense as we move in to the mid of the year. The temperature starts to rise and gets to the mid 40’s degrees. Although it becomes very much intense and scorching but still it is not that much intense and hard for survival.

In the August the monsoon hits the borders of Pakistan and brings cold wind and heavy rainfall from the Bay of Bengal and from India. This breaks the shatters of hot and humidity and brings heavy rainfall to the Pakistan which ultimately makes the temperature to fall and decline to the mid of 20’s and becomes more pleasant weather in Pakistan as we move further ahead the year and at last this merges itself with the winters in the early November. As the monsoon lays the foundation and prepares the stage for the winters to launch their show.

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