How To Become Air Traffic Controller In Pakistan

Undoubtedly being an air traffic controller is one of the responsible and challenging tasks. Do you know how to become an air traffic controller in Pakistan? In order to become an Air Traffic Controller, the post-secondary training and the practical experience in this field are very necessary. ATC directs or monitors the aircraft on the runways while takeoff and landing. Pakistan Airforce is one of the best-armed forces in Pakistan and falls on the list of top forces of the world. The basic and primary purpose of Air Traffic Controller is to prevent a collision, organize the flow of air traffic and provide specific information to pilots. Here below you can easily find detail information regarding how to become aircraft, eligibility criteria, training duration, duties and responsibilities of an Air Traffic Controller.

How To Become Air Traffic Controller In Pakistan

It is the desire of every Pakistani citizen to take part in the Pakistan Air Force in order to build a bright future in this field because this is one of the highest paying jobs in Pakistan. For further instructions about how to become an air traffic controller in Pakistan, keep on reading.

How To Become Air Traffic Controller In Pakistan

  • Applicants be a Pakistan citizen
  • Age limit under 30 years
  • Medical exam clearance
  • Security investigation clearance
  • CAA air traffic employment tests clearance
  • English speaking clearly
  • English understanding and communication skills
  • Three years progressive work experience in progressively profession
  • Bachelor degree in education minimum
  • Willing to relocation in CAA agency based office

Required Education and Other Requirements:

  • In order to become an Air Traffic Controller, the interested candidate must have Post Secondary Education and training
  • The interested candidates have to clear the Air Traffic Standardized Aptitude Test (AT-SAT)
  • The candidate must get 2 to 5-month training at FAA Academy
  • The candidates must have the approved certificate of Air Traffic Control Tower Operator in order to work independently.

There are usually three types of ATC post.

  • Tower Controller
  • Approach and Departure Controller
  • En Route Controller

Duties of Air Traffic Controller:

There are so many duties of Air Traffic Controller which are listed below in detail.

  • An ATC play a vital role in security, safety and orderly flow of Air Traffic
  • The basic and main duty of experience is that, issues important instructions regarding takeoff and landing to pilots
  • Air Traffic Controller also controls and manages the ground traffic at airports.
  • ATC’s manage communications by transferring control of departing flights to other control centers and accepting control of arriving flights at airports
  • They also monitor the movements of aircraft and minimize the fights delays.
  • In the case of any aircraft emergency, the ATC alerts the airport and responses to the air staff.
  • The Air Traffic Controller also informs about the critical news and update regarding weather.

Major Subjects or Syllabus of ATC:

  • Air Law
  • Air Traffic Controller Equipment
  • General Knowledge
  • General Knowledge
  • Human Performance and Limitations
  • Language
  • Meteorology
  • Navigation
  • Operational Procedures

How To Become Air Traffic Controller In Pakistan:

It is not an easy task to become an Air Traffic Controller, but if you are passionate and want to become a successful Air Traffic Controller

  • In order to become an Air Traffic Controller, the applicant must be a Pakistani citizen by birth
  • You must have a graduate degree in Physics or inter with Science subjects at a minimum from any college and institute offering an approved Air Traffic Collegiate Training Initiative program
  • The candidate’s age should be not less than 21 years in order to apply for ATC.
  • The applicant must have command English proficiency to write and read the English

Colleges Offering Aviation Management 

There are topmost ATC training institutes in Pakistan that are Civil Aviation Training Institute CATI or ATRO which are recognized by CAA are approved Aviation Training Centers for basic ATC courses and Radar Course for Air Traffic Controllers. There are so many talented and well experienced ATC’s are working in Pakistan.

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