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Causes and Effects of Pollution on Environment Essay

Causes and Effects of Pollution on Environment Essay: Environmental Pollution is one the major issue of the present world in most of the countries of the world. It obviously harms the living things on this plant and becoming a danger for human existence. It falls on the list of the major threats to this universe. Environmental pollution generally refers to the contamination of the environment with toxic gases and elements that cause worse instability and discomfort to our ecosystem. There are so many types of pollution but one of the major types which cover all other is Environmental Pollution. Environmental pollution is comprised of three other pollutions such as air pollution, noise pollution, and water pollution. There are so many causes and effect of environmental pollution which we are going to discuss below in detail.

Causes and Effects of Pollution on Environment Essay

Causes and Effects of Pollution on Environment Essay

Causes of pollution n Environment:

Following are the major causes of Pollution on Environment

Vehicle Emission: Vehicle Emission is one of the major source or cause of pollution since a decade. Fossil Fuel emission reacts with the air and makes some poisonous and harmful compounds and pollutants contaminate the air badly and responsible for various disorders.

Power Plants: Undoubtedly power plants play a vital role in contaminating the environment with pollutants. Fossil fuel burning comprises of major greenhouse gases, including carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, methane and fluorinated gases. Smog is also the result of combustion of fossil fuel with heat and sunlight.

Industry: Our industry is also the major contributor to environmental pollution in more than 80 countries of the world. The industrial sector of a particular country contributes 40% to 50% in polluting the air with toxic gases such as nitrous oxide and carbon dioxide.

Chemical and Industrial Waste: Chemical and Industrial waste are the major problem in most of the countries of the world and play a vital role in polluting water through its chemical waste which directly contaminated the water bodies. Most of the toxic chemicals, heavy metals, radioactive material and liquid waste solvents are directly injected deep into the groundwater which ultimately causes water pollution.

Sewage: Sewage is the direct cause of water pollution. In most of the countries of the world, the sewage or wastewater is directly dumped into river or sea. This process is very dangerous and born many deadly diseases.

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Effects of Environmental Pollution:

Pollution of environment definitely leads to some serious effects which have listed below in detail.

Drinking of contaminated water always result in different severe diseases and sometimes direct death. The common health problems which occur through contaminated water include stomach problems, typhoid fever, cancer lungs problems, cancer and other reproductive problems.

Due to air pollution the global warning increases due to which the temperature of water also increases which directly harm the aquatic animals due to which aquatic ecosystems are destroyed.

 The major effect occurs in the living of aquatic animals, the aquatic animals that are only dependent on water, killed by polluted water in their environment. Agriculture fertilizers and industrial chemical easily accumulated by fishes and other aquatic animals’ lead to death.

Water pollution also affects the plants badly. The chemical and toxic property of contaminated water harms the process of photosynthesis in plants and even retards the growth.

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