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China Pakistan Economic Corridor Benefits Essay

As we have all heard about a new and the massive project between world’s two steadier friends China and Pakistan. This project is about the constructions of highways roads networks, railways lines and pipelines between these two countries. Yes of course! I am talking about China Pakistan economic corridor which is shortly known as CPEC. This project is also known as North-South economic corridor that is actually initiate to develop the road trades and transportations as well as there are lot of benefits of this corridor for both these countries. God has bestowed the land of Pakistan with lot of treasures and blessings while Chine knows how to utilize these blessings in the right way to get benefited the human beings. So it is been expecting that this project that costs $51 billion will be so benefited for the betterment of the economic conditions of these republics. Moreover there are lot of China Pakistan economic corridor benefits which we can just imagine for this time. Let’s keep on reading this essay to take a glance on these benefits.

China Pakistan Economic Corridor

China Pakistan Economic Corridor Benefits Essay

This roads and highways projects will length to 2, 442 Kilometer that connects the Gwadar Port of Kashgar City of Pakistan and northwestern China’s region of Xinjiang Uygur.

A one of the biggest and the foremost benefit of CPEC is about the development and betterment of trade between China and Pakistan. They will trade for oil and petroleum products as well as the pipeline will perform the transportations of gases especially Sui Gas from North Pakistan to Western China. This will be the world’s longest and the first ever roads transportation trading after shipping and by air import exportations. This trading will be pure and the contract will be signed afterwards the project is completed. According to a general overviews the investments from China will increase the Pakistan’s $274 billion GDP by over 15% that will be highest profit earning trading perceptions.

After trading the second and the foremost benefit of this project is about the advancement of infrastructure of Pakistan road’s map. The new maps of roads in CPEC contains the basic physical and organizational structures and facilities including buildings, roads and power supplies will become so much benefited. Moreover this would be the world’s first ever longest trading corridor for the import and exportations of oil and petroleum products. This new infrastructure will invite China as well as other countries to invest with which is actually beneficial for transship of Pakistan with China.

Beside the national and international benefits of China Pakistan economic corridor, the state level benefit is about the new job opportunities for the general public between 2015 and 2030. According to the general intentions of experts about the direct jobs they are saying that there will be more then 700, 000 direct jobs opportunities will be available which will add 2 to 2. 5 % points in the country’s annual economic growth. So when the job opportunities will available and each person will earn a handsome amount for his expenses the economic condition will get better which is the base of the country’s strength.

Similarly there are lot of benefits of China Pakistan economic corridor which are up to the mark such as it will increase the satiability and prosperity, the political reviews towards Pakistan from other countries will also become positive, and when the investments will be made and the trading will boost the revenue which will be used to complete the underworking projects about to finish the load shadings and other basic issues facing by the general public of Pakistan.

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  1. Good piece of writing about CPEC but one main thing seems to be overlooked if u shade light about the interest of other countries who wants to join are plan to invest in CPEC projects.

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