Co Education In Pakistan Essay

Co Education In Pakistan Essay: Co-education means the education of apprentice of both genders (male and female) together. The current fashion and craze of co-education are becoming very popular in Pakistan hastily. We are living in a modern world in which both male and female are stepping together equally. The system of co-education is adopted by most of the countries of the world and Pakistan is counted one of them. But in some schools and colleges, there is segregation of genders. The current education system of Pakistan is based on 70% co-education system. But by adopting this system there are so many merits and demerits are the outcome in the education system of Pakistan which we are going to illustrate below in detail. Keep reading this article till the end will surely help you in this regard.

Co Education In Pakistan Essay

Co Education In Pakistan Essay

Merits of Co-Education:

Following are the merits of co-education from you can easily understand the worth of co-education in Pakistan.

  • The first and foremost benefit of co-education is that it is very helpful in developing self-confidence among individuals. Co-education ultimately increases your confidence level because it breaks your hesitation regarding so many issues such as language and communication etc. hence prove co-education is necessary to develop confident and handle a tough situation where male and female working together.
  • Co-education is proved to be beneficial for development and grooming of your personality. It helps you and makes you able to work together in a situation where male and female are working together. It ultimately develops descent understanding between both two genders.
  • Co-education is playing a vital role in modifying the nature and personality of both male and female by working and educating together.
  • Due to co-education system of studies, the parents become more active and attentive about their children and their responsibilities become hard. Due to this strictness and hardness, the students maintain balance under co-education system by studying together.
Co Education In Pakistan Essay

Demerits of Co-Education:

There are also some demerits of co-education in Pakistan; below listed following points are the demerits of co-education.

  • The major demerit of co-education is that it indirectly diverts students from studies and becomes involved in other unethical and activities other than studies which directly affect the career of a student
  • Hard and strict check and balance are required under co-education system in order to avoid misunderstanding and unethical issues, the majority of the co-education system doesn’t keep proper check and balance on activities of both male and female under co-education system in Pakistan.
  • Due to co-education system, the ratio of unethical activities is increasing day by day which ultimately ruins the life of the student. The non-shyness and overconfident behavior of both male and female involve him in other unethical activities other than studies.


We have concluded from above scenario that the co-education system is necessary in order to develop confidence among both pupils equally especially women to stay shoulder by shoulder with men. But it has also some worst cons but we can handle by keeping a keen eye on your children activity on daily basis. Due to co-education, the responsibilities of parents become more strict and harder. The government should try to run that co-education system in which Islamic levels never be ignored.

This was the Co Education in Pakistan essay written in short essay form. It is the best suitable material for the students of intermediate part 2 as well as the students of other calsses can also prepare it.

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