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Current Literacy Rate In Pakistan

Pakistan  is among the most densely populated lands of the globe. Presently, over 180 million people live here, making it the 6th most populous nation in the world. A People belonging to different castes, customs and color can be found. The general literacy rate has always been a huge concern here. The literacy rate in Pakistan is divided  into three regions that are in cities, villages and tribal regions. Education  is the critical constituent for the success and evolution of any nation which is taken for granted and unnoticed in Pakistan, which has ensued  in the lowest literacy rates in the world. The primary cause of low literacy rate in Pakistan is the slow development and destructive economic  system. Unfortunately, Pakistan ranks at the  113th position in the total 120 countries which is such a distressing situation not only for the nation but also for the government of the state. Until the literacy rate will not develop and deliberations will not take for the advancing of the education, the future of the country will be destined into more troubles and national concerns.

Current Literacy Rate In Pakistan

Current Literacy Rate In Pakistan According to 2012 consensus, the total literacy rate of the Pakistan is 56%, including men, women and all the rural and tribal areas of the country. However,  the recent  report illustrates that the literacy rate in Pakistan increases from 56% to 75%. There are some points regarding the literacy rate of Pakistan in 2016. In the current time period, the literacy rate of  Pakistan between the age group of  55-64 is 30%, between the age of 45-54  is about 40%, between the age of 25-34 is 50% and between 15-24 is more than 60%. These data illustrate that with each generation, the literacy rate in Pakistan has increased by nearly 10%.

Additionally, English is rapidly spreading language in Pakistan. Approximately about11% of the entire population of Pakistan is fluently speaking this international language. Due to this, Pakistan is third largest English speaking nation in the Asia. Moreover, Pakistan produces about 445,000 graduates and 10,000 informatics graduates every year.

 In short, Education is a critical feature and is one of the aspects which contributes the most to the growth of the national financial system and play the fundamental part in the expansion of the state. Thus, it is the duty of the management as well as the inhabitants of the Pakistan to make sure that their children are receiving the education so that they can advance the literacy rate and eventually the country’s condition and rank will improve.

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