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Dengue Fever In Pakistan Essay

Do you know what dengue fever is? Do you know how it take place and what are its major signs of arrival? Are you aware from some of the needed precautionary measures to get rid from dengue? Well you can get to know all these answers by the way of this Dengue Fever In Pakistan Essay that you can learn and prepare for your exams. These days this is the most prestigious disease in Pakistan that is under the operational conditions to uproot it. So let’s start out essay….

What is About Dengue Fever:

Dengue fever is mainly defined as the disease that is all caused by infection in the company of a type of virus called Flavivirus. Some of the people are not aware from the fact that this virus has been divided into four main types. This disease mainly takes place at the time of bite of mosquitoes belonging to the Aedes egypti species. It is to be mentioned that this disease is essentially a tropical one and is endemic in large parts of Latin and South America. This disease is getting increase in Asian countries such as India.

Dengue Fever In Pakistan Essay

Dengue Fever In Pakistan Essay

Dengue Fever Symptoms:

Following are some of the main signs that are found inside the dengue feve signs:

  1. Some of the people will going to feel severe body pain or myalgia.
  2. Sometimes it is even linked with the rash over parts of the body. Sometimes the pain in the body becomes so extreme that it can make you feel like your body is breaking up.
  3. Severe pain in the body is the extreme level so after this pain you will going to start recovering.
  4. Some of the patients even start facing the bleeding involvements and involvement of the brain by means of distorted consciousness.
  5. Joint pain is found to another main sign of the dengue fever.
  6. Some of the common signs of dengue fever aresevere headache, vomiting, and photophobia. Moreover rash and pain on palpation of the muscles are few more common signs.

Main Causes Of Dengue Fever:

Dengue fever can take place from one human to another. It is simply transmitted to humans by the bite of the infected named as Aedes egypti mosquito. The Aedes mosquito breeds in much found inside the fresh water lives close to human habitations and bites for the duration of the day. The period between the bite and the onset of symptoms is usually two to seven days. The Aedes mosquito is even accountable for spreading the diseases adding like yellow fever and Chikungunya virus fever.

Precautions For Dengue

There are various safety precautions are set by the doctors that can be easily adopt to stay safe from this life threating fever.

  • Never let the backwater (standing water) in our ponds or anywhere surrounding where there is no sun shine
  • Make your homes well air conditioned
  • Use mosquito repel lotion or oil
  • Wear protective clothing with full sleeves

Pakistan has overcome the dengue fever in a very short period of time with the great collaboration between general public and health departments. Now the number of dengue patients is decreasing in our hospitals and peoples are well aware to protect from this pandemic pestilence. We should keep on protecting ourselves by following the above written precautions so that our future could be healthy and wealthy.

Hence this is all about dengue fever in Pakistan essay with headings and points. Hope you like this essay and it is easy to understand and to lean. Update us with your comments in the following comment  box.

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