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Essay About Poverty In Pakistan

It was seen that at the time of the independence of Pakistan in 1947, our country inherited the backward parts of South Asia, we have only one university, we have one Textile Mill and only one Jute Factory but our per Capita GNP remains so far the highest in South Asia. But due to the Global financial crisis, occupation of Afghanistan, they have impacted the Pakistani growth. The poverty rate in Pakistan has been historically higher in rural areas and it is lower in the cities. 30 million have been living in rural areas and poverty has rose sharply in the 1990s. It is According to the World Bank’s Poverty Head Count Analysis for the year of 2014 that if income per adult in Pakistan will be taken as $1.25 per day, then the 21.04% of the population actually lives below the poverty line and it is according to 2008 population estimates.

Essay About Poverty In Pakistan

Essay About Poverty In Pakistan

Causes Of Poverty

Lack Of Governance

Pakistan is run by military dictatorships for the large periods of its time, this led to rapid kind of policy changes. It is due to the Political instability, macroeconomic imbalances that they have been reflecting the poor! It is viewed that Pakistan’s major cities are home to 1.2 million street children that includes beggars and also scavengers. It is too due to the law and order problem which has worsens this condition.

Feudal Culture

It is a fact that Pakistan is home to a large kind of feudal landholding system. It is estimated that 51% of poor tenants actually owe money to the landlords, these landlords’ position allows them to exploit the resources of the poor.


It is too because of this reason that Pakistani government has failed to give all the facilities and incentives to the citizens of Pakistan,

Corrupt Culture

It is this sad fact that our politicians fill up their pockets, they fill up their bank accounts with the budget, with that foreign aid dollars and do not give the poor their due share.

Low Literacy Rate

It is too because of the low literacy rate that our citizens of Pakistan have failed to stand on their feet, they could not get their education and in return they fail to get know how of any practical task.

Government of Pakistan should now understand this saying that if you give a man a fish, he will eat that fish on that day only, but teaching him how to fish, he will keep on be eating that fish on each single day. We have to teach each of the citizen of Pakistan so that he may earn on his own.

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