Essay On Human Rights In Pakistan

Pakistan was created by the motive that everyone should live according to their will. The religion of Pakistan is Islam and it is not the religion of force. it is the religion of will. Since, the inception of Pakistan, it faced challenges regarding human rights, terrorism, tourism, internal and external security threats and sectarianism. The situation of human rights in Pakistan is complex due to large population, political uncertainty, feudalism etc. Keep on reading this essay on human rights in Pakistan.

The constitution of Pakistan provides fundamental rights to every citizen of Pakistan to, freedom of speech, freedom of association, freedom of religion and freedom of every legal activity. In Pakistan, an independent HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSION (HRC) is working for the development of human rights for the general public. In addition to this, the people of the country are facing some problems regarding their human rights. It is the era of electronic media and no one has the right to abuse someone for its own interests and benefits. This piece of writing will cover the challenges of human rights and also provide some remedial measures to overcome the issue of human rights in Pakistan.

Essay On Human Rights In Pakistan

Essay On Human Rights In Pakistan

In Pakistan the feudal system has strong bases and they are not providing even the basic rights to the people of their own country.

  • Extremists activities are increasing day by day and these are violating the conditions of basic human rights. Some religious extremists are molding the teachings of Islam for their own interests and benefits.
  • Political anarchy is the basic hurdle in the process of human rights. The political parties are just fighting with each other and not providing the development to the people of country.
  • Freedom of press is being suppressed through different means. The influential people are trying to mold it for their benefits. They don’t want to see the reality.
  • The major cause in the low human rights provision is the weak judicial system. the judiciary is not fully independent. Similarly, few of them are the black sheep’s those are violating the basic rights of the people and letting the rich people to vanish the needy.
  • Furthermore, the main drawback in the human rights system of Pakistan is the case of missing persons. No one knows where they gone. It is the duty of the government to find the missing persons.

At least, the women harassment is an illegal activity. According to a survey report, Pakistan is one of the 10 countries those are abusing women and not providing them basic rights. For example, on 9 October, 2012, Taliban attacked the young activist Malala Yousafzai for the sake of its work, betterment of women’s education.

To conclude, Pakistan is facing too many challenges regarding human rights internally and externally. But there is always a way to solve the problems. The government is working for the provision of better human rights. They are going to educate the masses so they help the others. In this way, time is not far away, that people of Pakistan should meet the standards of the international community regarding human rights and any other field of life.

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