Essay On Natural Disasters In Pakistan

Natural Disasters are not in the control of the humans. It may occur by the in the different natural orders. Alongside this, these are based on the will of the God. When a natural disaster occurs it may cause a herculious effect to the life of general masses as well as property. In a short span of time vanish the history of huge places from the map of the world. Natural disasters occursthroughoutthe world and Pakistan also victim of these disasters.

We are talking about the natural disasters of Pakistan. Previously in Pakistan, there are too many events in which Pakistan bears the loss of thousands of lives and billions of dollars property. In addition to this, Pakistan is a developing country and it is not in the position to face natural calamity by utilizing its resourcing. When the natural calamity hit the land of any country it will definitely destroy the infrastructure, dams, natural resources, building and everything’s that is in the way of it. This parlay will discuss some events from the history of Pakistan those badly affect and destroy the economy of Pakistan.

Essay On Natural Disasters In Pakistan

Essay On Natural Disasters In Pakistan

Flood of 2010:

The main cause of the flood in the country is the excessive amount of water. In 2010, Pakistan faced a deadest flood that killed almost 2000 people and affected almost 2 million people. Pakistan gets the help of local as well as international community to get rid out of this. But the loss bearded by that flood couldn’t be recovered. Furthermore, it pushed the country’s economy, destroyed the canal irrigation system and vanished thousands of families from the map of Pakistan. The loss of the lives cannot be recovered by any means.

Earthquake of 2005:

Earthquakes are caused by the movements of tectonic plates. In 2005, the soil of Pakistan faced an Earthquake recorded as 7.6 on the ractorscale. It caused serious loss to life’s and property of the people of Pakistan. According to the official’s reports, the death toll was raised to 73000 people and 3.3 million people were made homeless.

In 2000, drought affected almost 1.2 million people in the huge area of Baluchistan.

In 1970, the bola tropical Cyclone was considered as a deadliest cyclone. It that specific Cyclone the death toll was raised to 500,000 lives. It is considered worst of the worst cyclone and one of the biggest cyclones of the world.

Furthermore, the above mentioned disastrous are the naturally occurred events in the history of Pakistan. No one can handle these without the will of God but we can use cautions to save the lives of thousands of people. For example, if the government of Pakistan builds the Dams they can save the excessive water of floods and utilize it for the betterment of the people. When the measures are taken before the event those will help to manage and save the resources efficiently.

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