Essay on Responsibilities of Youth in Pakistan

Essay on Responsibilities of Youth in Pakistan: Undoubtedly students and youth are the most powerful asset of any state or nation. It is rightly said that the progress of any nation directly depends upon its youth. And they are also able to change the worse condition of his nation. Youth is playing a vital role in the nation building. But on the other hand, those countries and nations who have denied and does feel the importance of his youth are not developed. Pakistan is falling in the list of one of them. The current condition of Pakistan is not well maintained and established because we didn’t realize the worth of your youth. But to make it brighter and overwhelming nation progress lies in the hands of youth. Here below we are going to describe the responsibilities of our youth in detail. Keep reading this article till the end will probably help you to find the best material.

Essay on Responsibilities of Youth in Pakistan

Essay on Responsibilities of Youth in Pakistan

Responsibilities of Youth in Pakistan:

Following are the major and core responsibilities of the youth of Pakistan, by fulfilling these responsibilities, we will be able soon to be a developed and leading nation in all terms.

  • The youth should realize the value of time because every moment of youth is priceless. In order to develop a leading and develop the nation, the youth of Pakistani nation must be punctual and take the habit of completing work on time.
  • They must have to get proper education from well maintained and established schools and colleges and avoid taking part in unethical activities other than studies
  • The youth of Pakistan try to take part in
  • It is first and foremost responsibility of our youth is to educate and regulate discipline and must realize the worth of discipline to being a developed nation.
  • Youth must try to work with tolerance. Tolerance and fortitude are the strong points to a youth. By adopting this responsible behavior will definitely add you to the list of an educated nation?
  • In order to maintain discipline, our youth try to develop decent and courteous behavior first.
  • Undoubtedly we are the independent citizens of an independent country, Pakistan. It is the responsibility of our youth to maintain our independence. We should realize the sacrifices of our freedom fighters that solely awake for our protection.
  • It is also the major responsibility of your youth to renovate and replenish the newcomers with culture and tradition of your society. Also, guide them towards the right
  • If we want a developed nation we as a youth should try to help in the implementation of government policies and law by regulating them in beneficial manners.
  • Our youth and young generation undeniably are very talented and vibrant. Their utmost vibrant ideas towards the success of country lead to peace and prosperity.
  • They must try to learn lessons from mistakes and take the habit of patience and tolerance which ultimately prepare strong personality. They will be able to handle and tackle the harsher and toughest situation of life.
Essay on Responsibilities of Youth in Pakistan

Pakistan has a huge ratio of the youth population. From latest research, it is stated that Pakistan has 68% youth population having age 16 years to 26 years. The majority of our youth population are attached from the middle-class family they don’t afford the expanse of current modern education in Pakistan. Male youth literacy rate is 55% whereas the female youth literacy rate is lower at 40%. The employment opportunities are limited 20% youth are unemployed in Pakistan. It is the negligence of our Government who are not stable to regulate the education system and strategies to improve the standards of education. So, by concluding from this scenario how would we will able to make responsible youth?

So this is essay on responsibilities of youth in Pakistan. This essay is written for inter and matric students.

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