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Essay On Target Killing In Pakistan In Simple English

Essay on target killing in Pakistan in simple English is written here with headings and highlights. Now you can prepare this essay for your papers because this is written according to the new exams pattern. Students of all levels from matric, inter and bachelors can prepare this essay and can also learn. So keep on reading this post to learn essay on target killing in Pakistan.

What is Target Killing:

We all know that in Pakistan the concept of the target killing is reaching so high up that now it seems like it is getting impossible to control it. No one has ever come to know that how this targeting killing was came into being and who is the main leader behind this crime establishment. This crime is becoming one of the center of attraction in the city of lights known as Karachi that is now known as the city of crime and target killing. This crime is even found on the high level in Quetta as well. Some of the main reasons that have given rise to the target killing in Karachi have been because of the political, religious and ethnic reasons.

Background of Target Killing:

                            If you will going to give a look over Karachi then you will be finding many ethnic communities taking place in its region. After 1947 many of the immigarnts migrate to Pakistan and started living in the city of Karachi. All of these migrants have been enriched with the qualities of being educated, middle-class to upper-class backgrounds and came from cultured families. In all such immigrants we have Iranians, Arabs, Central Asians as well as thousands of Afghan refugees as they were initially displaced by the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.

Essay On Target Killing In Pakistan In Simple English

Essay On Target Killing In Pakistan In Simple English

Main Causes of Target Killing:

Larger percentage of the target killing has taken place just because of the political parties as they are being affiliated in the company of specific communities. Sometimes the people belonging to the Suni Shia societies even kill the members of opposite classes and give them the title of being target killing. Below we will going to mention the names of some of the people who were the victims of target killing:

  1. Athar Ali (scientist)
  2. Ameer Faisal Alavi
  3. Wali Khan Babar
  4. Rustam Jamali
  5. Safdar Kiyani
  6. Khalid Shahanshah
  7. Hussain Ali Yousafi
  8. Perween Rahman
  9. Syed Raees Alam
  10. Syed Shehenshah Alam
  11. Syed Khursheed Alam
  12. Syed Aneed Alam
  13. Syed Shahab Haider Naqvi


Well if we talk about the government then they have till now taken not enough precautionary measures for controlling the target killing in Karachi. Police start arresting the people without knowing the fact that whether they are involved in the target killing or not and accuse them with the charges of being the target killer. Such time is not far away when the roots of target killing will going to spread in each and every single corner of Pakistan.

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