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Examination System In Pakistan Essay

With the help of this article we are going to explain examination system In Pakistan essay. Every country has its special system for conducting the exams at any level of education. Similarly in Pakistan there is also an education system is followed that is called as the easy way of conducting the exams at school, college and university level. So the examination system is different at each level according to eh level of studies. This system is explained below that will make you familiar by reading this article. Ministry of Education Government of Pakistan is collaborating with the boards of director to upgrade the study system and that is being followed by schools and colleges under which a student find it easier to pass in a class, such as the minimum passing marks are 33% that is the lowest aggregate as compare to any examination system in world. So to get further details and examination system in Pakistan essay, keep on reading this article.

Examination System In Pakistan Essay

Examination System In Pakistan Essay

Educational system Pakistan is divided into five levels such as:

  • Primary level
  • Middle level
  • Secondary level
  • Intermediate level
  • University level

All the schools, colleges and universities in Pakistan have been set in three categories namely:

  1. Government schools
  2. Private schools
  3. Madaras

Examination System in Pakistan:

If we give a look over the educational and examination system of Pakistan then majority of them are found to be in the poor condition just because of the lack of attention and shortage of funds. All the teachers are not offered with the best and adequate salary. All the private schools in Pakistan are found to be doing some better jobs as they are offered with the best pays all along with the necessary training for teaching. But one of the biggest drawbacks of these private schools is that as they are giving with the excellent services then at the same time their fee charges are not affordable by each single person.

Some of the educational system that are presently working in the Pakistan they are actually producing no synergy as they are creating conflicts and division among people. In Pakistan there are English medium schools, Urdu medium schools and madaras.

All the students who are coming out from the English educational institutions they are not much aware of Islamic teachings and a student who are coming out of Urdu medium school they don’t get excellent jobs. Its better solution is that the hierarchy of schooling systems should be abolished soon. There is one of the greatest needs to improve and update the curriculum and pedagogy.

Maximum attention should be given on the subjects of mathematics and Language so that the students would be better able to enhance their skills in the creative writing. Some educational trips should be arranged for the students that will going to help improving their knowledge about the history.

Well we hope that with the help of this article all the readers would have get some idea about the examination system in Pakistan essay.

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