Festivals are a Source of Economy Essay

There is no any doubt in this fact that festivals are a source of economy. It is considering a good source of cultural and economic development of a country. Festivals build a unique and good image of a country. In order to understand the social trends and history of our economy, festivals and events are necessary to conduct in cultural manners. For the maintenance of a peaceful community and its formation, festivals play a vital role in this regard. There is a huge number of social, cultural and religious festivals and events are present all over the world. The cultural activities, political events, sports events, religious events, sports event and international meetings are the types of festivals and events.

Festivals are a Source of Economy Essay

Festivals are a Source of Economy Essay

Festivals are a Source of Economy: A folk festival plays a vital role in promoting culture. It enhances and attracts the visitors from all over the world. The main and the foremost purpose of conducting an event are to promote cultural and social moralities to our visitors and to the rest of the globe. For this purpose government is promoting events and festivals at local and international levels, it leads to a successful economy or a country in true manners. A social and cultural festival helps to build peace and harmony in a community. The local festivals attract the internationals to be a part of this festival. A celebration of a festival evokes good feelings and pride of a community. It also helps to overcome the negative perceptions regarding people and places.

In the progress and success story of a specific country, the festival plays a comprehensive and important role. It also boosts the economy. Festivals are the source of economy. It gathers the people of different caste, color, tribe, religion and country, unite them to celebrate a specific occasion together and helps in to maintain a peaceful community. Events forces and attracts the visitors from different countries of the world, and visitors spend money to celebrate, which ultimately boost the local economy of a specific country. It is rightly said that Festivals and events generate wealth, employment and development in a country. Income or wealth is generated in the form of tickets sale to the visitors. They travel, need accommodation, food, outlets and other business activities. It ultimately results in the progress or a good source of local economy.

In short, a Festival plays a vital role in tourism economy and in the profile of a country. Arts Festival leads to show the identity and good image of an economy. It also helps to promote the talent. People show greatly interested in art activities that’s why they like art festivals compare to other. Sometimes festivals and events become sole reason to visit a specific country. The worth of festival can realize by this narration easily. In those countries where festivals and events are short, they have a low and weak economy with every respect. In order to become a successful economy in true terms, sense, and manners, we have to conduct festivals. Hence, the government should try to conduct social, cultural, and art festivals in our country to promote our country in the list of successful countries because festivals are a source of economy.

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