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Global Warming Impact on Climate Change Essay

Global Warming is one of the serious threats rising in the 21st century; it refers to the climate changes such as too much Carbon dioxide CO2 or heat in the atmosphere. The excess in the quantity of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere results in the heated and polluted environment such as “Smog”. Pakistan is severely hit by the Global Warming since the mid of 20th century. There are so many factors that influence weather and climate of Pakistan; some are natural and some reasons may occur by our intention. Besides these, there are lots of global warming impact on climate change which I have discuss below to this passage.

Well the excessive burning of fossil fuels such as coal, polluted smoke release by factories is also responsible for the concentration of greenhouse gases. Methane and Nitrous Oxide gases are mainly responsible for trapping heat in the atmosphere. Now Pakistan is also affected by another polluted climate threat that is known as “Smog”. Smog is the mixture of air pollutants with nitrogen oxides, Sulphur Oxides and smoke released by factories. This is also one of the alarming global warming impact on climate change, as it harming with serious disorders.

Global Warming Impact on Climate Change Essay

Global Warming Impact on Climate Change Essay

What is Global Warming?

Global warming refers to the increase in greenhouse effect. It is also concluded that the Global Warming is the situation in which our atmosphere become extremely hot with warm trapping gases.  It is also the result of burring of fossils fuel like, coal, the smoke released by the factories is also responsible to affect the greenhouse gases.

Impacts of Global Warming on Climate:

  • The climatic changes are happening very rapidly nowadays. Global warming is the main cause of climate change. It is effecting on human’s life physically, emotionally and psychologically. It is also impacting animals and plants badly.
  • Due to the great climatic variability parameters, the major part of the land of the Pakistan is dry and barren. Our earth’s temperature warmed over so many years. It is affecting and impacting severely in form of melting glaciers and droughts and recurrent floods.
  • Due to extreme global warning drought is the most common problem may arise. Drought refers to warm and hot weather due to lack of rainfall. The deficiency of water availability in a specific area for a specific period is called a drought. It led to the agriculture deprivation which results in the deficiency of food and water in a country.
  • Global warming also impacts on human’s health badly. There is also a gradual increase occur in the solar radiations. The warm climate and deficiency of water lead to so many diseases. The respiratory disorders, dehydration, Ebola, cholera, Plague, and Tuberculosis are main diseases caused by the global warming.
  • Global warming also impacting on seasonal changes and continuously changing the time of seasonal events. The imbalance in the seasonal changing is just due to global warming.
  • Severe Global warming is wrecking the country’s economy in terms of droughts, famine, diseases etc. The gradual increase in the atmospheric temperature is causing by the warm trapping gases and emission of greenhouse gases.

What is Smog?

“Smog” in the combination of two words i-e smoke and fog. Smog refers to the extreme condition in which the air pollutants and fog mix together to form a severe type of polluted climate. Pakistan is one of the countries affected by smog.

Impacts of Smog:

  • Smog is also impacting badly on human’s health. It is an extreme danger for health which leads to so many worse diseases such as, respiratory disorders (Asthma, irritation in breathing and chest, coughing and throat irritation), lung problems and eyes infections also included.
  • The smoky effect covers the whole city which results in a severe type of accidents due to invisibility. The unclear vision due to smoky effect leads to the accidental happenings on roads.
  • Smog is also harming the agriculture fields. Huge ratio of agriculture crop is destroying due to smog and its impacts. The plants become dry and rigid and lose the capacity to grow further even destroy with dust particle and air pollutants present in smog.s
  • It is also causing premature deaths due to its worse effect on human health. Kids are the main victims of this climatic change.

In the predeceasing years, we were engage with some other type of global warming issues but now we are facing smog too which is harmful for not only the human beings but also for the animals. Our government is taking special steps to resolve this issue. We are hoping that soon we will get calm and peaceful pollution free environment.

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