How I Plan To Spend My Summer Vacation Essay

How I plan to spend my summer vacation essay is written here in simple and easy wording for all students. You can prepare this essay for your exams points of view at Matric, Inter, and even Graduation level. It comes among the most important English essay that can come into your paper and it will be sufficient for you if you prepare this essay because many time board officers send an un-expected paper and that time most students sit to think on what to write and what to do. So in this matter here this page I have written for you to provide you the essay on My summer vacations. Summer vacations have been started now and this time I have many plans that how I will be spending my summer vacations. This time I have made this promise from myself that I will be making the best routine, I will be grooming my personality and I will be staying active and fresh in all these vacations. This will be my goal that apart from playing I will also be studying side by side and will be completing my course too.

How I Plan To Spend My Summer Vacation Essay

Many students think about how I spent my summer vacation in Punjab Pakistan after the annual holidays have started over. We must plan these holidays before they started over so that without wasting even a single day we must be there at the point to enjoy this wonderful time in our life. so the plannings are written down within headings.

How I Plan To Spend My Summer Vacation Essay

Praying Five Times A Day:

When I was thinking about how I plan to spend my summer vacation in Punjab Pakistan, I decided first to offer prayer five times a day and make it my primary habit of life. I will be trying to offer my prayers 5 times a day. Because of the tough school routine, I missed out many of the prayers but it will be in these summer vacations that I will develop this habit of offering my prayers regularly. This time Ramadan is also coming in the vacations, I will also try to have all the facts. May Allah give me the strength to do all this!

Studying 3 Hours In A Day:

Apart from offering prayers, I will also show seriousness towards my studies. I will not only be doing my holidays homework but I will also try to make a revision of all of my course subjects because right after the summer vacations, I will have the exams and I do not want to face any kind of difficulty. While I was planning to spend the summer holidays, I found this habit one of the best and the foremost perfect habit during the holiday’s duration from my school.

Joining A Sport Club:

Health is wealth and I cannot neglect and avoid sports at all. In these vacations, I will be taking the proper training in playing some sports. I love this sport and want to become much trained and master in it. I will be registering myself in some good and reputable tennis club center. Besides this, I am also interested in cricket, so I plan to spend my summer holidays learning cricket with some of my friends.

Visiting Some Northern Areas:

My summer vacations will be incomplete if I will not be visiting any northern area. I will be making plans with my family to make a visit to Muree, Naraan, and Kaghan so that all of us can have the refreshment in our lives. Some people use to get their child somewhere at their relatives while some people plan to spend summer vacations at some unknown places where they did never have gone before. These places give a memorable time with family and there a child learn more and more by exploring his vision to see this world and to observe the new things.

Punjab Summer Holidays Dates 2024

This is How I Plan To Spend My Summer Vacation Essay. I am full enthusiastic this time; I will not feel lazy this time. I will be taking proper sleep but will not be sleeping till 12:00 pm. Hopefully that if I will follow this schedule and time table of these summer holidays, I will come out as a better person. May Allah be with me all the time.

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