How To Stop Terrorism In Pakistan Essay

Terrorism has now become the giant kind of threat for us. It has given birth to massive kind of fear in us. We, as a loyal citizen of Pakistan should be facing this

How To Stop Terrorism In Pakistan Essay

danger and threat with much vigour and valor. Every problem has a solution. In the same way, this dangerous threat of terrorism has also some effective solutions if they will be followed properly.

Constructive Role of Media:

It is seen that media can far play a very strong and constructive role in removing this menace of terrorism. It is witnessed that at times media pave ways to promote terrorism, they air the torn and burnt bodies of the affected victims and this airing tells the viewer that how strong these terrorists are! Media do all this to get the highest rating and viewership but they should avoid playing with the feelings of affected people. Inspite of that, media has massive and strong debating houses, they can create an awareness among the people that they are stronger as compared to these terrorists. They can play important role by killing these terrorists mentally. If army is destroying their networks physically and they are fighting on the battle grounds then media should also take the initiative and they too can kill these terrorists into their own minds.

Take The Community Ownership:

If we look at the incident of Malala Yousafzai and Aetzaaz Ahsan then we can deduce this result how brave they were, if we will be giving such kind of examples like the way they have given then one day, this ogre of terrorism will be removed from this land.

Role of Government:

It is also equally the duty of the government of Pakistan to take some substantial amount of step to remove terrorism from this land. It can be said that it is a collective duty for all of us. If we want to put an end and put a full stop to this danger and to all these suicide bombings then all of us have to work in collaboration. It is the need of the hour that government and army and all the intelligence agencies have to be on the same page so that they may come up with sound strategies to eradicate terrorism.

Role of Intelligence Agencies:

It is not only the role of media and government, army an citizens but it is also the duty and foremost job of intelligence agencies to come up with sound deductions that how they can remove and destroy the networks of these terrorists. With the launching of Operation Zarbe Azab, Haqqani network has been destroyed completely and this whole credit goes to our intelligence agencies and Pakistan army.

Collaboration With Other Affected Countries:

China, Afghanistan and Russia are also victim of this threat. People living over there are also in danger because of this terrorism. Pakistan army and intelligence agencies should also work closely with the army and intelligence agencies of these countries so that this killing kind of danger can be removed from this world completely.

Removal of Poverty:

In Pakistan, more than 50% of people are living below the poverty line. This downtrodden section gets easily brainwashed. When they will not have a food to eat and shelter to live and cloth to wear then for sure, terrorists can make them as a target.

Speedy Justice:

Lack of justice provision, punishing the innocent, delayed justice, all these factors and aspects too keeps on giving birth to terrorists.

Changing the Ideological Mindset:

This terrorism is all the game of mindset. If people and these terrorists will be changing their mindset then that time is not far away when no more terrorists will be seen on this land. To change this ideology, both media and government officers as well as religious ulema should be playing their due role.

Improving Law and Order Situation:

If law and order situation will be improved in Pakistan and proper check and balance will be maintained in each and every hook and corner of Pakistan then terrorists will not be getting any single chance to carry on their killing activities. It is the duty of the rangers as well as police lines to keep on eye on all those people that look doubtful for them. If they caught any terrorist, then that person should be put into full investigation and if he will found guilty then he should be hanged till death.

This is how terrorism can be eliminated and completely eradicated from the soil of Pakistan. We all should join hands now so that Pakistan citizens as well as this entire world might free itself from this monster. It is the time to take the chargeship and consider this monster of terrorism as a global and worldwide problem now.

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